Micro Matic Equipment Program

YaraVita Procote is an oil-based formulation that is heavy and thick. To optimize blending results, NACHURS and Micro Matic have developed recommended equipment options. The equipment that has been specified meets the material handling requirements of YaraVita Procote’s physical properties.

Closed Systems

The Future of Liquid Transfer

The entire process takes place within a Micro Matic closed system that has been the industry leader for over 20 years. No Dust. No Bag Breaking. No mess. No dripping. No exposure. Operate with just one person. Regulations are trending toward increased use of closed systems.

Up To $3,000 Rebate For Equipment

An Investment By NACHURS in Operational Success

After rebate, the profits earned on only a portion of one tote of YaraVita Procote will pay for the equipment that will provide years of material handling efficiency of YaraVita Procote.

Versatile Design

Useful for YaraVita Procote and Other Products

Valuable system components including the mixer and the scale can be used on other fertilizers, micronutrients, biologicals, and adjuvants. The entire system is quickly cleaned and ready for its next use via blow down. The YaraVita Procote Mixer can be also used on suspension concentrates, seed treatments and emulsions. To prevent cross-contamination, NACHURS does not recommend using the entire system interchangeably between other fertilizer or pesticide products.

Micro Matic Support

All system components are protected by a 1 year warranty. Micro Matic employees are available to assist with questions, inquiries, designs and specialized system adaptations.

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