Rhyzo-Link® solutions are for innovative producers seeking greater nutrient utilization, elevated coping mechanisms, and a higher level of plant productivity without the degenerative effects on soil health typically promoted by conventional fertilizers. This “Bio-Charged” fertilizer with included plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) promotes an environment more conducive to plant growth, as well as to provide improved tolerance to biotic and abiotic plant interactions which occur throughout the growing season. Rhyzo-Link® solutions are a proprietary convergence of a high quality fertilizer with a pure culture, poly-microbial component while ensuring a wide range of plant benefits which directly affect many physiological cycles and processes.

What is Rhyzo-Link®?

Rhyzo-Link® solutions are the next generation in plant fertility, combining a high quality NPK fertilizer with a pure culture, poly-microbial component (PGPR) for use in a wide range of environmental conditions and cropping systems. This “Bio-Charged” fertility solution is designed to provide greater nutrient utilization and efficiency via increased plant biomass, as well as better adaptability to biotic and abiotic factors which occur through numerous physical, chemical, and environmental interactions. Rhyzo-Link® solutions provide a buffering or moderating “link” between soil health/ chemistry and plant productivity through efficient balance, placement, and recovery of soil/plant nutrients.

What is PowerBlend™?

PowerBlend™ is a patented Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) which is unique to the marketplace. It is a pure culture, multi-strain, poly-microbial solution formulated to enhance fertilizer solutions. It has the natural ability to improve nutrient utilization which helps the plant to better tolerate biotic and abiotic interactions. This is done through the production and ultimate release of secondary metabolites (i.e. enzymes, lipopeptides, biosurfactants, etc.) into the rhizosphere which then impact plant processes such as nutrient availability, root hair proliferation, and systemic mechanisms, just to name a few. Once applied to the rhizosphere and/or phyllosphere and absorbed by the plant, it helps to promote a healthy plant with a more pronounced root system, and ultimately helps to improve crop yield and productivity. PowerBlend™, when incorporated into fertilizer solutions, truly becomes an easy to use “Bio-Charged” fertility package.


With the plant signaling mechanism (triggered by environmental conditions) via the release of root exudates, to the ultimate production of beneficial plant metabolites by PGPR, soil and plant processes are “linked” together to result in increased growth and yield by the following actions:

  • Improved seedling vigor and stand establishment 
  • Improved handling of biotic and abiotic interactions 
  • Improved nutrient uptake and efficiency 
  • Improved soil health and water use efficiency 
  • Improved adaptive and coping mechanisms
  • Improved flowering and fruit quality

NACHURS Products Powered by Rhyzo-Link®

NACHURS Rhyzo-Link® 9-15-3

  • Contains Rhyzo-Link® technology

  • 100% ortho product that contains Bio-K® technology

  • Can be used in-furrow and/or foliar on multiple crops making this product very flexible


NACHURS Rhyzo-Link® 3-10-13     3-10-13-1S-.1Zn

  • Only fertilizer on the market that contains 4 unique features: 100% ortho, Bio-K® technology, Rhyzo-Link® technology and sulfur

  • Can be used in-furrow and/or foliar on multiple crops making this product very flexible

NACHURS Rhyzo-Link® 0-0-15     0-0-15-5S

  • Contains Rhyzo-Link® technology

  • Contains Bio-K® technology

  • Tremendous compatibility with a wide variety of other fertilizer materials to increase potassium levels

NACHURS Rhyzo-Link® LF     

  • Contains Rhyzo-Link® technology

  • Microbial solution for bulk liquid fertilizer

  • Can be used in-furrow and/or foliar on multiple crops making this product very flexible

NACHURS Rhyzo-Link® SI     

  • Contains Rhyzo-Link® technology

  • Oil-based microbial for dry fertilizer impregnation

  • Can be utilized at time of dry fertilizer application for improved efficiency

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  • Extended shelf-life for up to 18 months
  • Rhyzo-Link® contains a multi-strain microbial component
  • Rhyzo-Link® is formulated with a pure culture PGPR
  • A unique nutrient delivery system


  • Ease of use, inventory flexibility, stable product
  • No issues with mixing, storability or shelf-life
  • Constant performance across a wide range of environmental conditions, resulting in greater productivity
  • Wide range of product uses and applications
  • A complete package of high quality N-P-K-S, micronutrients, and PGPR