NACHURS® Bio-K® is a premium source of potassium fertilizer combined with a natural plant metabolite; the most effective and efficient source of potassium. Using Bio-K® technology results in quicker germination, improved root development, and an elevated abiotic stress tolerance; leading to better plant establishment, more vigorous growth, and higher yields.

The Technology

Since 1946, NACHURS has been the industry leader in NPK liquid fertilizer technology. We are proud to continue that tradition by introducing a new potassium-based fertilizer technology that is unique to both the NACHURS brand as well as the agriculture industry in general, and that is Bio-K®.

Bio-K® is a combination of an inorganic salt reacted with an organic acid to form a potassium acetate fertilizer. In general, potassium acts the same in all plants by the following:


What makes Bio-K® unique is in the origination of its organic-based carrier (anion), the acetate molecule. Acetate is a natural plant metabolite that has many important functions within the plant as well as in the symbiotic relationship between plant roots and soil microbes/mycorrhizal fungi. It provides a base in which many plant compounds are thereby formed, which includes but not limited to the following:

  • fatty acids
  • sterols
  • phenolic acids
  • flavonoids
  • amino acids
  • chlorophyll
  • carotenoids
  • terpenes

Acetate is also a very important part of signaling compounds (flavonoids, lipochitooligosaccharides, etc.) which promote plant-soil microbe relationships and increased plant productivity.

Since the carrier portion of Bio-K® is a natural plant metabolite, it is more rapidly and readily taken up by plants, which in turn leads to increased potassium use efficiency and higher productivity.

Bio-K® also has a very low salt index and leaf burn potential, thus making it extremely safe for both foliar and in-furrow applications. Including Bio-K® Technology in a sound, well balanced fertility program will provide the plant with added energy (derived from acetate) which will ultimately lead to increased yield.


NACHURS Products Powered by Bio-K®

NACHURS imPulse®

  • Provides corn growers quick and uniform plant emergence
  • Improved early season plant health
  • Ultimately results in maximizing yield potential

NACHURS Triple Option®     4-13-17-1S

  • Premium NPK fertilizer with 100% orthophosphate
  • Also contains S
  • Versatile in-furrow or foliar nutrition offering crop growers rapid nutrient uptake

NACHURS playmaKer®     2-6-16

  • Premium liquid high K fertilizer with a unique analysis
  • Very safe and versatile on sensitive crops 
  • The most tank-mix compatible NPK fertilizer on the market

NACHURS K-fuel®      0-0-24

  • Highest concentration of Bio-K® technology in the industry
  • Contains a versatile source of K for growers requiring higher K levels
  • Allows applications of K during critical growth stages, maximizing yield potential

NACHURS K-flex®     0-0-19-6S

  • Most versatile Bio-K® technology product available
  • Compatible with 10-34-0, UAN, and liquid urea
  • Allows applications of K & S during critical growth stages maximizing yield potential

NACHURS K-fuse    6-0-12-12S

  • "UAN potassium specialist": specially formulated to be blended with UAN
  • Allows for more K and S to be supplied per acre with UAN
  • Allows a retailer to differentiate UAN offerings to a customer

NACHURS TMR-DP®     2-8-11-1S

  • Premium liquid high potassium fertilizer with a unique analysis
  • Very safe and versatile on sensitive crops
  • Most tank-mix compatible NPK fertilizer on the market

NACHURS Finish Line®     8-4-6-1Zn-1Mn- .2Cu- .1B

  • Unique micronutrient enriched premium foliar fertilizer
  • Contains proprietary organic acids, compatibility agents and higher level of micronutrients
  • Provides a significant return on investment when used on all crops

NACHURS N-Rage® Max     

  • A premium slow release nitrogen fertilizer
  • Complete NPK fertilizer containing the highest percentage of SRN
  • Takes crops with excellent potential to the next yield level


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  • Acetate is a natural organic acid and plant metabolite.
  • Bio-K® is two effectors (potassium fertility and biostimulant) in a single product.
  • Bio-K® has a very low salt index.
  • Excellent compatibility with other fertilizers.


  • Bio-K® is recognized by plants as a natural form of potassium playing an important function within the plant, forming many compounds necessary for increased productivity. 
  • Bio-K® is the preferred source of potassium for plant uptake due to the acetate carrier molecule – more efficient and readily absorbed by the plant.
  • Bio-K® is plant and seed safe – will not burn at recommended rates.
  • Blending and tank mixing flexibility for both distributors and growers.