Designed for all crops that require potassium, Bio-K® is an innovative potassium technology.  Unlike other forms of potassium, Bio-K® is a natural plant metabolite that provides the most efficient nutrient uptake.  Using Bio-K® technology results in quicker germination, improved root development and an elevated abiotic stress tolerance; leading to better plant establishment, more vigorous growth and higher yields.

About Bio-K®

For over 70 years, Nachurs Alpine Solutions® has been the industry leader in NPK liquid fertilizer technology. We are proud to continue that tradition by introducing a new potassium-based fertilizer technology that is unique to both the NACHURS brand as well as the agriculture industry in general, and that is Bio-K®.

Bio-K® is a combination of an inorganic salt reacted with an organic acid to form a potassium acetate fertilizer. In general, potassium acts the same in all plants by the following:

  • formation and translocation of starches, sugars, and fats
  • protein formation
  • aids in enzyme actions
  • helps cells maintain their internal pressure
  • maintains balance of salts and water in cells
  • improves seed quality
  • increases root growth and resistance to disease and drought

What makes Bio-K® unique is in the origination of its organic-based carrier (anion), the acetate molecule. Acetate is a natural plant metabolite that has many important functions within the plant as well as in the symbiotic relationship between plant roots and soil microbes/mycorrhizal fungi. It provides a base in which many plant compounds are thereby formed, which includes but not limited to the following:

  • fatty acids
  • auxins
  • sterols
  • phenolic acids
  • gibberelins
  • flavonoids
  • amino acids
  • chlorophyll

Acetate is also a very important part of signaling compounds (flavonoids, lipochitooligosaccharides, etc.) which promote plant-soil microbe relationships, enhanced defense mechanisms, and increased plant productivity.

Since the carrier portion of Bio-K® is a natural plant metabolite, it is more rapidly and readily taken up by plants, which in turn leads to increased potassium use efficiency and higher productivity.

Bio-K® also has a very low salt index and leaf burn potential, thus making it extremely safe for both foliar and in-furrow applications. Including Bio-K® Technology in a sound, well balanced fertility program will provide the plant with added energy (derived from acetate) which will ultimately lead to increased yield.

NACHURS Products Powered by Bio-K®

NACHURS imPulse®

  • 100% ortho product that contains Bio-K® technology

  • Can be used in-furrow and/or foliar on multiple crops making this product very flexible

NACHURS Triple Option®     4-13-17-1S

  • Only fertilizer on the market that contains 3 unique features: 100% ortho, Bio-K® technology, and sulfur

  • Can be used in-furrow and/or foliar on multiple crops making this product very flexible

NACHURS playmaKer®     2-6-16

  • Industry’s only in-furrow starter designed specifically for soybeans

  • Contains Bio-K® technology, 100% orthophosphate, seed-safe at recommended rates

  • Promotes quick, uniform emergence and enhances plant health, leading to higher yields 

  • Remarkable carrier for other in-furrow technologies

NACHURS K-fuel®     0-0-24

  • Contains Bio-K® technology

  • Tremendous compatibility with a wide variety of other fertilizer materials to increase potassium levels

NACHURS K-flex®     0-0-19-6S

  • Unique proprietary product that contains Bio-K® technology

  • Potassium based additive designed to be blended with poly and/or UAN fertilizers

  • Tremendous compatibility with added benefit of sulfur providing superior agronomics for producers

NACHURS TMR-DP®     2-8-11-1S

  • Complete NPK blend specifically designed for deep placement in strip-tillage

  • Contains Bio-K® technology as well as fulvic acid

NACHURS Finish Line®     8-4-6-1Zn-1Mn- .2Cu- .1B

  • Complete foliar product designed to be tank-mixed with crop protection applications

  • Contains proprietary adjuvant technology, fulvic acid and Bio-K® technology

  • This product is especially beneficial for in-crop application of glyphosate due to the adjuvant technology and the trace element package


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  • Acetate is a natural organic acid and plant metabolite.
  • Bio-K® is a combination of acetate (carrier) and potassium.
  • Bio-K® has a very low salt index.
  • Excellent compatibility with other fertilizers.


  • Acetate is recognized by plants as a natural form of potassium playing an important function within the plant, forming many compounds necessary for increased productivity. 
  • Bio-K® is the preferred source of potassium for plant uptake due to the acetate carrier molecule – more efficient and readily absorbed by the plant.
  • Bio-K® is plant and seed safe – will not burn at recommended rates.
  • Blending and tank mixing flexibility for both distributors and growers.