NACHURS® Aqua-Tech® is a unique polyamine technology that allows for greater plant productivity through fertigation systems, delivering highly available low-salt nutrients safely and precisely. Offering much flexibility, NACHURS® Aqua-Tech® products can be used in-furrow and foliar on a variety of crops. NACHURS® Aqua-Tech® contains Bio-K® technology which ultimately leads to better plant establishment, more vigorous growth, and higher yields.

The Technology

NACHURS® Aqua-Tech® 7-20-4 contains both unique potassium and phosphorus chemistry. Aqua-Tech® phosphorus chemistry refers to a polyamine molecule with proprietary additives and compatibility agents which helps protect phosphorus against adverse interaction with metals (calcium, iron, aluminum, etc.) and bicarbonates which may be contained in irrigation water sources. Products selected for this line have unsurpassed nutrient solubility and plant availability.

Polyamine technology occupies the cations to prevent them from binding to plant available phosphate.

  • Reduces the occurrence of precipitates which plug emitters.
  • Increases plant nutrient uptake by avoiding phosphorus binding with Ca++, or Mg++ which causes it to become insoluble and unavailable.

Aqua-Tech® is the most soluble fertigation fertilizer available, ensuring nutrients will be available to the plants and not precipitate from solution.

  • Protects contained phosphorus against adverse interaction with metals and bicarbonates.
  • Phosphorus supplied by Aqua-Tech® is supplied in the orthophosphate form. 
  • Aqua-Tech® has a greater concentration of nutrients than many other options.
  • The pH of Aqua-Tech® 7-20-4 is 5.8 making it safe to handle and especially suited for plant uptake.
  • Aqua-Tech® contains proprietary additives and compatibility agents.
  • Aqua-Tech contains NACHURS® Bio-K® which has a lower molecular weight, lower salt content, and greater solubility.

The source of each nutrient selected to be included in Aqua-Tech® is what makes this technology so unique.


NACHURS® Bio-K® technology is also included in the NACHURS® Aqua-Tech® products.  Bio-K® is a premium source of potassium fertilizer combined with a natural plant metabolite; the most effective and efficient source of potassium.  Using Bio-K® technology results in quicker germination, improved root development, and an elevated abiotic stress tolerance; leading to better plant establishment, more vigorous growth, and higher yields.

NACHURS Products Powered by Aqua-Tech®

NACHURS Aqua-Tech® 7-20-4

  • Only fertilizer on the market that contains 2 unique features: 100% ortho and Bio-K® technology

  • Can be used in-furrow and/or foliar on multiple crops making this product very flexible

NACHURS Aqua-Tech® 2-0-20

  • Contains 4 unique features: Bio-K® technology, Slow Release Nitrogen, sulfur and micronutrients

  • Can be used as a foliar on multiple crops making this product very flexible

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  • Contains a polyamine technology
  • High concentration of soluble nutrients
  • Low-salt nutrient solution
  • Optimal pH
  • High nutrient availability 
  • Contains NACHURS® Bio-K® technology


  • Ability to fertigate phosphate effectively
    • Low scale formation for less frequent acid flushing
    • Increased phosphorus fertilization efficiency due to avoidance of binding caused by cations such as calcium or magnesium
  • Lower use rates for precision application and timing
  • Improved soil health 
  • Improved product safety
    • Handler: safe pH range
    • Crop: low salt
    • Equipment: non-corrosive

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