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     Product Reference Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

    Liquid Fertilizer

    Nutrients Supplied
    (pounds per gallon)
    Iron (Fe) EDTA 0.04
    Magnesium (Mg) EDTA 0.05
    Manganese (Mn) EDTA 0.27
    Zinc (Zn) EDTA 0.16

    Derived from: iron EDTA, Magnesium EDTA, Manganese EDTA, and Zinc EDTA

    EDTA chelated trace element for prevention and correction of micronutrient deficiency.

    Product Properties 
    Weight 10.35lbs. per gallon
    Specific gravity 1.23-1.25 kg/L
    pH 6.5-9.0
    Appearance amber/brown liquid
    Odor slight musty odor

    NACHURS SoyGrow® liquid fertilizer is manufactured with 100% fully EDTA chelated iron, magnesium, manganese, and zinc. Unlike other micronutrient sources such as complexes, partial chelates, and natural organic complexes, NACHURS EDTA chelated micronutrients are 100% available to the crop. Other micro sources contain too little complexing agent and undergo major chemical changes, delivering significantly less micronutrient in a form available for plant uptake. While these sources of micros may offer cost savings at first, they can actually create deficiencies for lack of availability.

    Application Rates

    • In-Furrow - apply 1-2 pints per acre with the seed. May be applied with any NACHURS in-furrow starter labeled for corn.
    • Foliar - apply 1-2 pints per acre with sufficient spray volume to ensure good coverage.
    • NACHURS SoyGrow product may be applied by drip, sprinkler or furrow irrigation systems at a rate of 1-2 pints per acre.

    Application Instructions

    • NACHURS SoyGrow EDTA chelates can be applied to soil at planting time or foliar spray applied directly to the plant.
    • Always refer to a soil or tissue report to determine the nutrients needed to correct micronutrient deficiencies.
    • Can be applied through virtually any type of sprayer system including irrigation, aerial, or transplant solutions.
    • Preventing micronutrient deficiencies in crops is far better than correcting them after symptoms appear.

    These are general product recommendations. Please consult with your NACHURS Sales Manager or agronomist for specific fertility recommendations.

    General Mixing Instructions

    1. Add 1/3 water to spray tank
    2. Add other chemicals, if any
    3. Fill tank with balance of fertilizer
    4. Add correct amount of chelate
    5. Agitate adequately to mix

    : Check compatibility with standard jar test.

    NACHURS SoyGrow liquid fertilizer must be applied with NACHURS liquid fertilizers, other liquid fertilizers, fertilizer suspensions, and nitrogen solutions.

    This product is intended for use in mixing or blending with other fertilizer materials to produce fertilizers with a total primary guarantees equal or greater than 24%.

    The Role of Micronutrients

    Zinc (Zn)
    Zinc is necessary for starch formation and proper root development. it is also essential for seed formation and maturity. The most common nutrient deficiencies include interveinal chlorosis on older leaves with shortening of the internodal area. This shortening often results in a short compressed plant with a rosetted appearance.

    Manganese (Mn)
    Manganese is essential to plants but too much is toxic. Manganese functions in chlorophyll development and serves as a catalyst in several enzyme systems in the oxidation-reduction process. Manganese deficiencies are very similar to iron deficiencies and appears in the younger leaves of the plant first. Color may be pale between the veins of broadleaf plants

    Iron (Fe)
    Iron functions as a catalyst in several processes within the plant. it plays a vital role in the formation of chlorophyll and also functions in the respiratory enzymes. iron serves in the transportation of energy in the plant. iron is also an immobile nutrient and nutrient deficiencies are usually noticed first in the young leaves. They will first exhibit interveinal chlorosis which will spread over the entire leaf and turn the leaf white. New growth will cease and the leaves will die.

    Magnesium (Mg)
    Magnesium is the key element in the molecule of chlorophyll. it regulates the uptake of other nutrients in the plant and acts as a carrier of phosphorous in the plant. Deficiencies usually occur in sandy soils or in soils with extremely high pH. Magnesium deficiencies cause corn plants to develop light yellow or white appearance between the parallel veins.

    For more information on this product, please view the Product Reference Sheet.


    Product Specifications
    applicationMethod Micronutrients
    nutrients.nitrogen 0
    nutrients.phosphate 0
    nutrients.potash 0
    nutrients.sulfur 0
    micronutrients.iron YES
    micronutrients.magnesium YES
    micronutrients.manganese YES
    micronutrients.zinc Yes