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    Liquid Fertilizer


     Product Reference Sheet
    Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

    0-0-24 Liquid Fertilizer


    Nutrients Supplied
    (pounds per gallon)
    Soluble Potash (K2O) 2.55

    Derived from: potassium acetate

    Product Properties 
    Weight 10.65 lbs. per gallon
    Specific gravity 1.28 kg/L
    pH 9.5-10.5
    Appearance clear, colorless to pale yellow
    Odor slight sweet odor

    NACHURS K-fuel® liquid fertilizer is a unique form of foliar potassium having superior foliar absorption over traditional forms of potassium. Unlike other liquid forms of potassium such as nitrates, hydroxides, thiosulfates or carbonates, NACHURS K-fuel® liquid fertilizer is not caustic or corrosive, resulting in safer foliar applications and less plant stress. NACHURS K-fuel® liquid fertilizer small molecular size coupled with the plant’s natural affinity for organic acids allows for a much higher degree of potassium absorption. For best results, apply NACHURS K-fuel® liquid fertilizer according to recommendations based on plant tissue or soil analysis.


    NACHURS K-fuel® liquid fertilizer can be used on all field and specialty crops to aid in correcting or preventing potassium deficiencies. Potassium requirements for most crops increase greatly during periods of rapid growth and fruit development. Application of NACHURS K-fuel® should be made based on soil and plant tissue analysis for potassium.

    FOLIAR – Apply by ground or air at a 2 to 12 quarts/acre rate in 3 to 10 gallons/acre of water on row crops. Specialty crops apply up to 6 quarts/acre for every 100 gallons of water.

    FERTIGATION – Center Pivot - Apply 3 to 5 gallons/acre as needed according to soil and tissue test.

    SPRINKLER – Trees apply 3 to 5 gallons/acre. Vines apply 2 to 4 gallons/acre. Vegetable and Row Crops apply 3 to 5 gallons/acre.

    SOIL – Apply 1/2 to 5 gallons/acre with other fertilizers at planting time. When using with seed applied starters take into consideration the total amount of salt allowed for your soil type.

    For recommendations regarding specific crops or applications consult your NACHURS DSM.

    Crop injury may result from unusual weather conditions, failure to follow label directions or improper application practices all of which are out of control of NACHURS. NACHURS will assume no liability for this product if crop damage or if plugged fertigation equipment occurs from its use. NACHURS always recommends a jar test for compatibility with irrigation water when used for fertigation.


    • Formulated with NACHURS® Bio-K® for greater solubility and lowest salt index.
    • Provides safe application reducing plant stress
    • Superior source of K
    • Highly compatible with pesticides and other fertilizer
    • High analysis
    • Non caustic or corrosive


    Keep Out Of Reach Of Children.

    May cause irritation or injury to eyes. Avoid contact with formulated product. Avoid prolonged exposure to vapor and spray mist. Harmful if swallowed.

    To protect skin from exposure wear protective equipment such as rubber aprons, rubber gloves and boots. Wash thoroughly after handling. Always use product with adequate ventilation.

    FIRST AID: in case of contact with eyes, immediately flush with water for at least 15 minutes. Seek medical attention if irritation occurs. in case of skin contact, flush with plenty of water. Seek immediate medical attention if irritation occurs.

    Always wash contaminated clothing before reusing. if swallowed, give large amounts of water and induce vomiting. Seek medical attention.

    For more information on this product, please view the Product Reference Sheet.

    Product Specifications
    applicationMethod Foliar Nutrition
    applicationMethod In-Furrow Starter
    nutrients.nitrogen 0
    nutrients.phosphate 0
    nutrients.potash 22
    nutrients.sulfur 0