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    Finish Line

    Liquid Micronutrient


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    Liquid Fertilizer

    Nutrients Supplied
    (pounds per gallon)
    Total Nitrogen (N) 0.816
    Available Phosphorous (P2O5) 0.408
    Soluble Potash (K2O) 0.612
    Boron (B) 0.010
    Copper (Cu) 0.020
    Manganese (Mn) 0.102
    Zinc (Zn) 0.102

    Derived from: urea, phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide, potassium acetate, disodium octaborate, copper EDTA, manganese EDTA, zinc EDTA.

    EDTA chelated trace element for prevention and correction of micronutrient deficiency.

    Contains non-plant food ingredients: 0.5% organic acids derived from fulvic acid.

    Product Properties 
    Weight 10.2 lbs. per gallon
    Specific gravity 1.223 kg/L
    pH 6.7-7.5
    Appearance clear, blue-colored liquid
    Odor nearly odorless

    NACHURS Finish Line® is a new and improved foliar nutritional product, comprised of essential plant nutrients, two forms of phosphate molecules, fully chelated micronutrients, surfactants, compatibility agents, and organic acids as well as the latest in potassium uptake technology, Bio-K®. NACHURS Finish Line® is manufactured with the highest quality raw materials on the market today, which once absorbed by the plant helps to promote a healthier plant and root system, and ultimately helps to improve crop productivity. NACHURS Finish Line is well adapted to all cropping and management systems, including but not limited to row crops, vegetables, fruit, tree, and turf/ornamentals.


    Application Instructions

    NACHURS Finish Line® fertilizer is supplied in a ready to use liquid form, making its application by spray equipment convenient and easy. Apply with adequate water to ensure thorough spray coverage. it is uniquely adapted to all crops and cropping systems to promote rapid growth and development, especially those crops that have encountered environmental stresses due to hail, insects, etc. NACHURS Finish Line® fertilizer can be applied with glyphosate and other pesticides for optimum performance. if local information is not available, a jar test for compatibility should be conducted prior to large scale mixing.

    General Foliar Application Rates

    1 to 4 quarts per acre

    Forage and Hay Crops – 1 to 4 quarts after sufficient leaf regrowth, usually between 7 and 10 days after cutting. There are no grazing restrictions.
    Cereals and Small Grains – 1 to 2 quarts per acre at tillering thru flag leaf.
    Corn, Soybeans, Cotton, Peanuts, Canola, Sugar Beets, Grain Sorghum – 1 to 2 quarts per acre with in-season herbicide/insecticide applications. Potatoes – 1 to 2 quarts per acre at tuber initiation.
    Berries and Grapes – 1 to 2 quarts per acre at leaf emergence and again pre-bloom. Fruit/Nut Trees – 2 to 4 quarts per acre at bloom to improve bud set and retention.
    Cucurbits – 1 to 2 quarts per acre when runners are 4-6 inches long.
    Other Vegetables (beans, peppers, tomatoes, etc.) – 1 to 2 quarts pre-bloom.

    Mixing Instructions

    NACHURS liquid fertilizers can mix with many crop production products. Some non-100% EDTA chelates may not be compatible.

    1. Add 1/3 water to spray tank
    2. Start sprayer agitation and maintain
    3. Add pesticides as per label instructions
    4. Add 1/3 water
    5. Add NACHURS Finish Line
    6. Add remaining water volume and agitate before spraying

    The Role of Micronutrients

    NACHURS Finish Line® offers 4 essential micronutrients. All are chelated except Boron:

    Boron: Critical for new growth of plant and in pollination and reproductive stages. Essential for maintaining sugar and starch balances.
    Copper: Essential in protein formation and for enzyme activation.
    Manganese: Vital in chlorophyll development and enzyme systems in the oxidation process.
    Zinc: Promotes root development, vigorous shoot growth, stress tolerance, and a more even maturity.

    NACHURS Finish Line®, as with foliar fertilization in general, is not intended as a replacement for a sound fertility program, but rather as a management tool to help maximize yield and quality.

    NACHURS Finish Line® is a clean, easy handling product that fits into most crop protection programs. Each drop of foliar has the exact same nutrient ratio, which means it will not settle out of solution.




    For more information on this product, please view the Product Reference Sheet.



    Product Specifications
    applicationMethod Foliar Nutrition
    nutrients.nitrogen 4
    nutrients.phosphate 4
    nutrients.potash 4
    nutrients.sulfur 0
    micronutrients.boron YES
    micronutrients.copper YES
    micronutrients.manganese YES
    micronutrients.zinc YES