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When used as recommended, NACHURS fertilizers become a crucial factor in a successful farming season, resulting in higher yields and profits. We have proven the advantage of NACHURS fertilizers since 1946.

Click here to view our research conducted over many years and see the difference NACHURS fertilizers can make in the growth of crops.

For over 70 years, the quality of fertilizer has always stayed the same. We will not compromise fertilizer quality for a cheaper price. But you don't need to take our word for that; the proof is in the product.

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NACHURS products are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials to provide available nutrients, seed safety, precision placement, and are corrosion-free. It’s these characteristics that make NACHURS fertilizers truly unique! We will not compromise fertilizer quality for a cheaper price.

We will not compromise fertilizer quality for a cheaper price. Remember: a fertilizer may have the same analysis, but it does not mean it is the same product.

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Because NACHURS products are made of only top quality raw materials, this allows farmers to precision place fertilizer directly on the seed safely when used at recommended rates. Unlike other fertilzers, NACHURS products will not burn the seeds when used properly.

Click on the liquid fertilizers link above to find recommendations specifically for each NACHURS liquid fertilizer analysis, or contact your local agronomist or NACHURS Distributor.

Low salt and impurities = seed safety = no crop damage.

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NACHURS liquid starters have a neutral pH and are low in both salt index and impurities. These features of our liquid starters enable the product to be placed directly with the seed at planting time. Placement with the seed allows the available phosphorus to be taken up at the critical early stages of growth to maximize yield potential. 

NACHURS liquid starters contain 80% - 100% of their phosphates in the available orthophosphate form.

Orthophosphate is immediately available to the plant during the critical early stages of growth. Plants can only take up phosphorus in the orthophosphate form.

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NACHURS liquid fertilizers
 are 80-100% orthophosphate. This means phosphorus is immediately available during critical growing stages. The Fertilizer Institute and independent researchers have found that fertilizers like 7-21-7 and 10-34-0 are up to 70% polyphosphate, which means phosphorous is only 20-30% available to the crop during critical growing stages. Under cool, dry conditions it can take an extended period of time, even weeks, for the polyphosphate to convert to orthophosphate. 

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NACHURS fertilizers’ low application rates allow for more storage space. Below are plot results from Cedar Falls, Iowa, in which only 5 Gal/A of NACHURS fertilizer was needed for optimum yield Bu/A.

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NACHURS fertilizers decrease moisture content, averaging 1-2 pts. lower moisture. This results in drier corn at harvest, which means drying cost savings as well.

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NACHURS fertilizers are clean and easy to handle. Our equipment is also very user-friendly and can be fitted to most planters/drills.

The sample below reflects a comparison in corrosion on a metal surface in a matter of 12 days after application. The 10-34-0 (left) had a bubbling reaction and was sticky and viscuous. The NACHURS 9-18-9 fertilizer (right) formed a needle-like structure, which proved to be virtually non-corrosive.

In a short period of time, this corrosion can damage your application equipment, which costs you money.

Play it safe with a non-corrosive liquid fertilizer. NACHURS fertilizers are chloride-free, low-salt formulations that will not clog or corrode your application equipment, which saves you money in unnecessary equipment repairs.

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Bad weather can add unwanted stress to the development of a plant. NACHURS fertilizers take more of the gamble out of such unforeseen events with less yield loss by providing immediately available N-P-K. This stimulates growth and speed up emergence to the five-leaf stage, which helps set maximum yield potential.

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NACHURS fertilizers allow plants to meet their fullest potential, evident in the comparison pictures below. The corn crops on the right have much larger, fuller roots.

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NACHURS fertilizers store well in cold conditions:

NACHURS 6-24-6 fertilizer: approx. 5° F
NACHURS 9-18-9 fertilizer, NACHURS 3-18-18 fertilizer: approx. -10° F

A lower application rate also requires less storage. Below are plot results from Cedar Falls, Iowa, in which only 5 Gal/A of NACHURS fertilizer was needed for optimum yield Bu/A.


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Because NACHURS fertilizers use the highest quality raw materials, our fertilizers are chloride-free and contain low heavy metals and impurities. As a result, NACHURS fertilizers are virtually non-corrosive.

The samples on the right represent a 6-24-6 and 9-18-9 fertilizer analyses, which proves that starter fertilizers come in all colors and viscosity. However, it’s what is in the starter that counts during planting and at harvest. Now, looking at the samples above, which starters would you apply through your liquid fertilizer equipment?

We’ve all heard the saying, you get what you pay for, and that holds true for fertilizer too. That’s right, just because the analysis is 6-24-6 or 9-18-9 does not mean it is the same product. And just because a fertilizer is clear, it does not mean it does not have heavy metals or impurities.         

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Pounds of dry fertilizer that will dissolve in 1 gallon water at 72° F*. Availability is directly related to solubility.

*Reference: Handbook of Chemistry & Physics

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NACHURS fertilizers mix well with most herbicides, pesticides and fungicides, but we always recommend a jar test prior to full scale mixing.

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SALES SUPPORT: The NACHURS Sales Team is dedicated to providing their distributors and farmers the best quality service possible. Click here to meet the team.

AGRONOMIC & TECHNICAL SUPPORT: NACHURS Agronomic & Technical Support educates farmers in helping reach their maximum yield potential.

MARKETING SUPPORT: In order to help their distributors succeed, NACHURS Marketing offers full support of the NACHURS brand, including many free services and sales tools. If you are interested in becoming a NACHURS distributor, call 800-622-4877 or email us at

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What do studies show?

"Crops take up only those nutrients that are dissolved in the soil solution. Therefore, the solubility of fertilizer sources equates to their availability and is critical to properly feeding a crop."

Spectrum Analytic Inc 
view online source here


"Pop-up materials near the seed can create two germination problems. One is the effect from salt and the other is the zone of ammonia that is created when putting too much urea-based nitrogen too close to the seed."

Candace Pollock,
The Ohio State University
view online source here


"Stimulated early growth means a quicker two- to three week trip from emergence to the five-leaf stage for corn. Even more importantly, your corn arrives with enough vital phosphorus for fuller ears with more kernels on every plant."

Potash Corp
view online source here


"Moisture stress, either a lack or an abundance of soil moisture during critical phases of the crop growth and development cycle, affects US average crop yield, particularly when moisture stress occurs in the most highly productive crop growing areas."

view online source here


"As with good comedy, timing is everything, especially when it comes to the effects of severe early season stress on corn. Do not discount the potential effects of a seemingly minor stress when the timing of its occurrence relative to crop growth stage or other complicating stress factors is “perfect” for crop injury."

R.L. Nielsen, Purdue University
view online source here


"Salt content is one of the most critical characteristics of fertilizers that should be considered when fertilizers are applied, especially with seed-row or "in furrow" placement."

Dr. John J. Mortvedt
view online source here