Foliar Nutrition


Foliar feeding is one of the most efficient methods of supplying nutrients during critical growing stages. NACHURS foliar fertilizers provide available N-P-K and chelated micronutrients to make a good crop even better or it can supply a deficient, stressed crop the proper nutrients for a quick recovery. NACHURS programs offer the following foliar products: micronutrients, N-P-K fertilizers, and slow release nitrogen products. These products can also be customized and combined to ensure crop success.

NACHURS foliars are manufactured with the highest quality raw materials on the market today and includes only available, chelated micronutrients to maximize foliar absorption.

NACHURS foliar micronutrients have proven to translocate quickly from the young leaves to the root system. This translocation promotes a healthier plant and healthier root system. A healthier root system takes up more nutrients from the soil. In general, a healthier plant is a more profitable plant!

Go with the Leader: NACHURS

  • Highest quality liquid foliar fertilizer
  • Quality, precision placement, and foliar safe
  • Low impurities
  • Low salt
  • True solution N-P-K
  • Orthophosphate (available phosphorus)
  • Highly soluble

NACHURS liquid foliars have a neutral pH and are low in both salt index and impurities. These features of our liquid foliars enable the product to be sprayed on the plant foliage. Foliar feeding is one of the most efficient methods for supplying nutrients to a growing crop .

Applying available nutrients on the plant foliage allows for immediate absorption into the plant in a very short period of time. This immediate uptake promotes better plant health and increased yield potential.

NACHURS liquid foliars contain 80% - 100% of their phosphates in the available orthophosphate form. Orthophosphate is immediately available to the plant during the critical early stages of growth. Plants can only take up phosphorus in the orthophosphate form.

Give your crops the NACHURS Advantage

  • Supplies available nutrients to your growing crop
  • Enhances nutrient uptake from foliage to bottom of the root system
  • Can be tank mixed with most herbicide/insecticide programs for convenient application
  • Can be applied through virtually any type of sprayer system including irrigation, aerial, or transplant solutions
  • Clean, easy handling solution
  • Low application rates
  • Will not corrode application equipment

NACHURS Foliar Products


Foliar feeding maintains a nutrient balance within the plant, which may not occur strictly with soil uptake. Absorption of essential nutrients through the plants roots may at times be limited by root distribution, soil temperature, soil moisture, or soil nutrient imbalances or other factors.

Most of the vital nutrients that are foliar fed are mobile and will be transported throughout the plant. Potassium is readily absorbed and highly mobile. Phosphorus is absorbed at a slower rate, but is also mobile and transported at a rapid rate.



NACHURS foliar programs offer 5 essential micronutrients. All are chelated except Boron, Cobalt, and Molybdenum:

Boron: Critical for new growth of plant and in pollination and reproductive stages. Essential for maintaining sugar and starch balances.

Copper: Essential in protein formation and for enzyme activation.

Iron: Important in chlorophyll formation, respiration, and energy transfer.

Manganese: Vital in chlorophyll development and enzyme systems in the oxidation process.

Zinc: Promotes root development, vigorous shoot growth, stress tolerance, and a more even maturity.

NACHURS micronutrients are clean, easy handling products that fit into most crop protection programs. Each drop of foliar has the exact same nutrient ratio, which means it will not settle out of solution.

NACHURS micronutrients are versatile and can be easily be mixed with most herbicide/ fungicide/ insecticide programs for timely applications. 



NACHURS slow release nitrogen products allow plants to absorb nitrogen on the leaf surface several weeks after foliar spraying. Nitrogen is a critical component throughout the growth and development of plants, and when used in conjunction with NACHURS fertilizers, can help maximize yields.

NACHURS slow realease nitrogen products can also be incorporated with most herbicide/ fungicide/ insecticide programs for timely applications. 

Foliar Absorption Rates

Source: Michigan State University

Nitrogen (as Urea)               1/2 - 2 hours
Phosphorous 5 - 10 days
Potasium 10 - 24 hours
Calcium 10 - 94 hours
Magnesium 10 - 24 hours
Sulfur 5 - 10 days
 One pound of foliar fed nitrogen (as urea) is equivalent to 4 pounds of soil applied nitrogen. One pound of foliar fed magnesium is equivalent to 75 pounds of soil applied magnesium.  Now that’s efficient!