Sorghum has a critical need for phosphorus from germination through reproductive stages, where maximum yield potential is determined. The NACHURS Advantage ensures that the seedling has adequate available phosphorus in contact with the seed and roots where it can be easily taken up.

Give your sorghum plant a strong and uniform emergence with NACHURS seed-placed starter. When used as a foliar fertilizer, and applied to the plant foliage, the nutrients are absorbed quickly throughout the plant for healthier soybeans to maximize yields.  NACHURS liquid fertilizers can also be tank-mixed with most glyphosates and fungicides to save soybean growers time and money!


PREMIUM PROGRAM  The following are intended as a general recommendation for all sorghum production. Adjustments can be made to these recommendations based on geography, environmental conditions, soil type, water availability, etc. Consult your local District Sales Manager and/or Agronomist for detailed specifications based on a more narrow set of circumstances.

Preplant- If applying dry broadcast fertilizer as part of a complete crop nutrient program, YaraVita® PROCOTE® liquid suspension fertilizer coatings are an excellent way to apply micronutrients to the soil. YaraVita® PROCOTE® is a unique way to ensure even distribution of micronutrients on growing crops and is easier to use because of significantly reduced dust and nutrient loss. YaraVita® PROCOTE® ensures even micronutrient supply with each fertilizer granule which enhances micronutrient efficiency, as well as crop yield and quality.

  • Available products: YaraVita® Procote® Zn or YaraVita® Procote® BMZ

Sub-Surface Band- Nutrients can be placed several inches deep directly below or just to the side of the seedbed. Depending on the timing of the application, it may streamline spring field operations, resulting in a better chance of timely planting, or if applied as an in-season side-dress application, may spoon feed nutrients to the crop all season long. Combining select NACHURS products with other commodity fertilizers such as UAN or Polyphosphates may be an option for some farmers.

  • Available products: NACHURS K-flex™ (0-0-19-6), NACHURS K-fuel™ (0-0-24), Rhyzo-Link® 0-0-15. (If combining products with other commodity fertilizer sources always follow recommended ratios).

In-furrow Band- Numerous university trials find greatest efficiency and yields from seed-applied fertilization. Placing fertilizer in a band with the seed increases seedling uptake and limits P interaction with cations in the soils. Banding high quality, low salt fertilizer with the seed improves seedling vigor and enhances tillering.

  • Available products: Rhyzo-Link® 9-15-3, Rhyzo-Link® 3-10-13, NACHURS imPulse®, NACHURS Triple Option®. NACHURS 100% EDTA Micronutrients may be added to any formulation.

Foliar- Foliar fertilization results in rapid nutrient absorption and utilization. It corrects deficiencies or prevents nutrient shortages during critical periods of growth. Studies indicate positive response to foliar feeding at various stages of growth. Foliar fertilizer applications may be applied in combination with crop protection products when growers are already making trips over the field.

For all foliar applications (always perform compatibility test prior to application):

  • Available products:
    These products may only be applied with water or combined with crop protection chemicals: Rhyzo-Link® 9-15-3, Rhyzo-Link® 3-10-13, Rhyzo-Link® 0-0-15, NACHURS imPulse®, NACHURS Triple Option®, NACHURS SRN®, NACHURS N-Rage Max®, NACHURS K-flex™ (0-0-19-6), NACHURS K-fuel® (0-0-24)

    NACHURS Finish Line®, NACHURS CornGrow® or NACHURS SoyGrow®, NACHURS 100% EDTA Micronutrients may be added to any formulation.

With Irrigation (from preplant through stage 7)- Incorporating fertilizer into water will provide the most efficient use of available resources. NACHURS Aqua-Tech® technology prevents cations from binding to phosphate, resulting in the reduction of occurrences of emitter plugging, scale build-up and the increase in plant nutrient uptake. Even as the fertilizer solution enters the root zone the polyamine technology continues to offer protection from phosphorus tie-up. Bio-K® is the source for potassium in this product line. Bio-K® has organic acid origins, resulting in highly efficient, extremely low salt, and very soluble potassium fertilization.

  • Available products: Aqua-Tech® 7-20-4, Aqua-Tech® 2-0-20-8S-0.2B-0.4Zn, NACHURS K-flex™ (0-0-19-6) and NACHURS K-fuel® (0-0-24)

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