Alfalfa stores carbohydrates in the root system and the crown of the plant. A high level of carbohydrates promotes rapid regrowth after each cutting and endurance during winter months. 

Foliar feeding with NACHURS liquid fertilizers provides available phosphorus and potassium to maximize carbohydrate reserves for improved yields, regrowth, and alfalfa quality.  NACHURS liquid fertilizers can also be tank mixed with insecticides and other post-spray applications to save money and time.


  The following are intended as a general recommendation for all alfalfa production. Adjustments can be made to these recommendations based on geography, environmental conditions, soil type, water availability, etc. Consult your local District Sales Manager and/or Agronomist for detailed specifications based on a more narrow set of circumstances.

Foliar fertilization and nutrition is not a stand-alone program. It must be used as a key element in a complete fertility program. Foliar applications not only supply needed nutrients through the foliage, it also stimulates the plants ability to take up additional nutrients from the soil. A healthy plant with adequate nutrition (especially K) will be able to tolerate biotic and abiotic stress more efficiently. Foliar nutrition allows for “spoon-feeding” the plant to optimize efficiency and performance. Together, soil applications and foliar applications can work together to increase the plants ability to produce maximum yield.

At first green up:

  • 2 to 4 gallons NACHURS Triple Option® or NACHURS imPulse® 
  • 1 to 2 gallons NACHURS K-flex™ or NACHURS topKicK®
  • 1 quart NACHURS Finish Line

5-7 days after first cutting:

  • 2 to 3 gallons Rhyzo-Link® 3-10-13
  • 1 quart NACHURS® 10% Boron
  • 1 quart NACHURS® 9% Zn EDTA

5-7 days after subsequent cuttings:

  • 2 to 4 gallons NACHURS Triple Option® or NACHURS playmaKer® 
  • 1 quart NACHURS Finish Line®

After last cutting:

  • 2 to 4 gallons NACHURS Triple Option® or NACHURS imPulse®
  • 1 gallon Rhyzo-Link® 0-0-15

Other Considerations:

  • Regular tissue analysis should to done as part of a foliar nutritional program. Noted nutrient deficiencies and/or excesses will result a program alteration.
  • As always, foliar programs should be part of a larger, balanced fertility regiment and not a substitution thereof.
  • If sulfur is required use 1 to 2 gallons of NACHURS topKicK® or NACHURS K-flex™.
  • NACHURS Finish Line® may be applied anytime with pesticides (check compatibility with jar test).
  • NACHURS® Micronutrients (10% B, 9% Zn EDTA, 6% Mn EDTA, etc.) may be added at 1 quart during each application if required by tissue analysis.

NACHURS® Alfalfa Gallery (7 Photos)

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Deines Farms in Culver, Oregon- High RFQ alfalfa in the making. NACHURS imPulse and NACHURS Finish Line applied.
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La Grande, OR: Bluegrass- foliar applications with Rhyzo-Link 3-10-13, Fe, NACHURS Finish Line.
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La Grande, OR: Foliar applications with Rhyzo-Link 3-10-13, Boron and Zinc, NACHURS Triple Option, and NACHURS Finish Line.
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