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  • Oct30Mon

    What are you doing differently?

    Field Notes October 30, 2017 Joe Osterhaus, Sales Agronomist
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    What are you doing differently?

    I was eating dinner the other day talking with a friend about getting to the elusive 300 + bushel average for corn or the 100+ bushel average for beans across the entire farm.  We’ve all seen plot data that shows it can happen.  The question is: if your plots can do it, why not the rest of your farms?  What do you do differently?  Have you changed the way you do things or are you still farming the same way you always have.

    If I was a betting man (and some of you who know me, know it’s true), I’d say most practices are the same and very little has changed.  Let’s look at how you are fertilizing.  Are you using starter or have you left the tanks off to save time? Are you taking advantage of the efficiency of a liquid precision applied program, or are you still on a total dry broadcast program?  I know many producers dry spread phosphate and potash and then apply liquid nitrogen.  Ask 15 producers how they farm and you get 15 different answers.  Most would say in these depressed markets it all comes down to cost.  I would say it comes down to yield and getting the biggest bang for your buck.

    Spoon feeding a crop can help cut down unnecessary over-application of fertilizer, which is good for the environment and your bottom line.  Spreading nutrient application out over the growing season, applying the right nutrients when needed, is the best way to increase yields. You owe it to your operation to find out when, where, and how nutrients are best applied.  Find out from your supplier what form of nutrients are being applied.  Often times, nutrients get tied up through chemical bonds that make them unavailable to the plants when applied with other crop protection products.  That is need to know information.  NACHURS liquid fertilizers have the products to fit every application.  From starter to fertigation, side dress to dry broadcast, NACHURS can help you create a plan for next season. Do your research, go to our website at  and contact us with questions.  Your success is our success.  What are you doing different to chase 300 bu/acre?