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  • NACHURS fertilizers has been a part of crop production providing quality liquid fertilizer products since 1946.

    I think of 70 years and I think of what an accomplishment that truly is and I think of how many other companies have come and gone since. I am also reminded of how production Agriculture has changed both in method and in products used.

    NACHURS’ early years in production originated with the first generation of products like 9-18-9, 3-18-18 and 0-0-30 and later 21-0-0 and 10-10-10. Back then the introduction of liquid fertilizer products was life changing and pioneering for the industry.  Innovation has continued through the years with improvements in raw material selection, with formulation and with manufacturing techniques to bring us into our current years. Science too has had an impact on our products with the introduction of our premium lines fortified by our Potassium Acetate products as well as our Rhyzo-Link line of products that include Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria.

    Now that’s progress …… from the basic lines of plant nutrients to the use of nutrient forms that are of the highest efficiency and partnered with Biological strains. Technology that links the synergisms between the product, the crop and the environment with a complete focus on nutrient efficiency and stewardship. 

    Production Agriculture has never been more impacted by consumer demands than it is today. We are no longer simply asked to provide the volume of production but we are also tasked to increase our production with specific focuses like the desire to provide a healthier food source while using responsible methods of production. In some areas of production, consumer demand has put an additional focus on attributes such as flavor, aroma, color and storability. 

    I have been a professional in this industry for almost half of those 70 years working all across this great nation on all kinds of crops and with all kinds of growers. One thing that has not changed is that I have always prided myself on carrying my toolbox filled with the best our industry has to offer.

    BIG demand requires a big toolbox full of tools built with purpose. Today my toolbox is filled with our NACHURS line of products and more now than ever I am able to help producers meet the growing demand of our consumer.

    Over the past 70 years we have been there when our customers were looking for a better way to produce crops and 70 years later we are still leading the industry in innovation. Always the innovator and never the imitator; I guess that there are a few things that time doesn’t change.

    - Jay Castleman, Specialty Crop Market Manager