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  • I’m sure we are all very familiar with the term efficient. By definition efficient is “Preventing the wasteful use of a particular resources”.  In our case this particular resource would be plant nutrients.  NACHURS has been behind the 4R initiative before the ideas of nutrient stewardship were even conceived.  NACHURS continues to develop new efficient technologies through modern science that not only promote the the 4R initiative but also offer a profitable means of supplying plant nutrients for the grower. 

    We place efficiency scores in the form of ratios on NPK, PGR, PGPR, and Micros.  These efficiency scores are not exact and can vary from year to year depending upon many environmental variables.  The efficiency scores we use are based upon a comparison against standard practices of plant nutrient type, placement, application method, growth stimulator, and health stimulator.  Less inputs are required by improving the nutrient source and making it more plant available, placing nutrients on the foliage, banding the nutrients where the plant can gain access and evenly coating micronutrients onto every dry fertilizer prill.  This concept is based on attaining the same or better crop response when we used our products more efficiently and had less waste. 

    In order to be profitable as a grower we need to make sure we are using the most efficient methods and crop inputs.  It is becoming ever so difficult to pencil in a profit when we sit down and plan our budgets for the following year; this is why we need to make sure we are not wasting any of our inputs.  NACHURS offers products and technologies that, when used in the proper method, will offer the highest return on investment.

    -Joe Pflum, Northeast US Sales Agronomist