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  • Feb5Mon

    Tanker Transport Prep

    Field Notes February 5, 2018 by Jenny Phillips
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    Agronomy, Field Notes, NACHURS Products
    Tanker Transport Prep

    The purpose of these guidelines is to provide our customers the cleanest, highest quality N-P-K products that they have ordered and expect. 

    Tanker transporters haul many different materials and we suggest the following tanker cleaning guidelines for those preparing to transport NACHURS N-P-K liquid fertilizers:


    Please follow all safety guidelines/procedures when cleaning your tankers or when entering any confined space(s):

    • Drain all existing material out of:
      • Tank
      • Hoses and pumps
    • Completely clean out any solid materials off of the bottom of the tank. 
      • Hauling some materials for a period of time may cause them to settle
    • After cleaning settled out materials and additional liquid in the tank:
      • Completely FLUSH out tank(s), line(s) and pump(s) with water and drain, especially if they have been transporting UAN (28% - 32%) materials



    • Avoid having contamination issues or problems for our valued customers  and yourself.
    • Gives both your customers and NACHURS the highest quality products and the trucking service that they expect.
    • Peace of mind for future deliveries with your Transport Service.


    These are general recommendations.  Please consult with your NACHURS District Sales Manager or Agronomist for additional/specific recommendations.