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  • Oct9Mon

    Sulfur. Don’t Underestimate its Importance.

    Field Notes October 9, 2017 Keith Flaniken, Southern US Sales Agronomist
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    Sulfur.  Don’t Underestimate its Importance.

    We have discussed Liebig’s Law of Minimums before.  Our yield potential is directly proportional to the most limiting nutrient.  Included in the list of important nutrients is sulfur, which is a secondary nutrient along with calcium and magnesium but is often considered the 4th most important nutrient behind NPK.

    Justus von Liebig’s Law of the Minimum states that yield is proportional to the amount of the most limiting nutrient, whichever nutrient it may be. From this, it may be inferred that if the deficient nutrient is supplied, yields may be improved to the point that some other nutrient is needed in greater quantity than the soil can provide, and the Law of the Minimum would apply in turn to that nutrient.


    Sulfur plays a very important role in crop production.  Most crops need between 10 and 30 pounds/ac of sulfur.  Sulfur is a key component for nitrogen-fixing nodules in legume crops.  It is needed for chlorophyll formation, production of amino acids, proteins, and enzymes.  The lower the soil organic matter, the more important it is to pay attention to sulfur levels and removal. 

    NACHURS is a firm believer in sulfur, along with all secondary and micronutrients.  We can add sulfur into all our NPK starter fertilizers.  We have products such as NACHURS K-flex and Rhyzo-Link 0-0-15 which are Bio-K + sulfur and Bio-K + Rhyzo-Link + sulfur; both include sulfur to address sulfur requirements in 2x2 and sidedress environments. 

    This summer, NACHURS released a new Bio-K & sulfur product:  NACHURS K-fuse.  NACHURS K-fuse is a proprietary formulation of 6-0-12-12S.  It is unique in that NACHURS has unique properties in this blend enabling it to mix with UAN at fairly high ratios.  This new crop nutrient formulation from NACHURS allows producers to safely blend potassium and sulfur into liquid UAN.  When using UAN28:NACHURS K-fuse, tank mix NACHURS K-fuse with it at 3:1.  When using UAN32:NACHURS K-fuse, tank mix NACHURS K-fuse at a 4:1 ratio. 

    Dr. Mike Stewart, Director, of the North American Program International Plant Nutrition Institute has an excellent sulfur article published this week that is worth reading.  Please use the link below to download it:$FILE/PNT-2017-Summer-02.pdf