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  • Jun28Thu

    Stimulating nutrient uptake with NACHURS Finish Line and how it works!

    Field Notes June 28, 2018 Joe Pflum, Northeast US Sales Agronomist
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    I know I've said so many times before efficiencies are not exact. 

    Efficiencies are dependent upon environmental factors, moisture, temperature, physiological maturity of the crop, and the current health of the crop.  When we apply a foliar application we are targeting a plant stimulation of nutrient uptake from the soil through the roots.  This is how we see a small amount of crop nutrition applied on the foliage respond very similarly to a larger soil application of the same nutrients.  The foliage is one of the most efficient ways to drive small amounts of nutrients into the plant.  The roots are where the majority of all nutrients are absorbed and some have to be extracted from the soil.  Depending on the variables I mentioned earlier determines the soil's willingness to cooperate with the normal exudates from the plant (exudates are natural compounds manufactured by the plant and excreted through the roots, some of these compounds have a low pH and will help solubilize nutrients bound to soil particles).  In other words the soil has its fair share of drama.  When crop nutrition is applied on the foliage and is in the available form the plant will absorb (if the timing is correct), the plant will start the production of metabolites and exudates that promote the uptake of the target nutrients along with other nutrients that are associated with current plant functions it is trying to execute.

    There is always room for NACHURS Finish Line®.

    NACHURS Finish Line® was engineered with the latest technology for plant uptake of nutrients and tank mix compatibility.  When applied during mid to late vegetative stages on into mid reproductive stages we can consistently see a positive ROI.

    NACHURS Finish Line® is an improved foliar nutritional product comprised of essential plant nutrients, two forms of phosphate molecules, fully chelated micronutrients, surfactants, compatibility agents, and organic acids as well as the latest in potassium uptake technology, Bio-K®. NACHURS Finish Line® is manufactured with the highest quality raw materials on the market today, which once absorbed by the plant helps to promote a healthier plant and root system, and ultimately helps to improve crop productivity. NACHURS Finish Line is well adapted to all cropping and management systems, including but not limited to row crops, vegetables, fruit, tree, and turf/ornamentals.

    For more information on NACHURS Finish Line® click here.