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  • Harvest is well underway across the country.  The same goes for the second year of the record amount of research trials NACHURS has invested in.  Preliminary trial data that has come in thus far is very promising and once again another profitable return on investment.   NACHURS invested heavily again in third party independent trials across the country.  Crops being evaluated with a multitude of NACHURS combinations include corn, soybean, wheat, potato, tomato, watermelon, onion, cotton, sugar beet, alfalfa, dry bean, pecan, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, grain sorghum, and corn silage.   

    Bio-K has absolutely proved once again its power and effectiveness in plants.  If, after 4 years, you have not sought out this extreme K source, you are leaving yield and DOLLARS on the table.  NACHURS Bio-K is the real deal folks.  We can help you maximize your current fertility program whether be it through drip or pivot irrigation, in-furrow, foliar, strip till, or 2x2.  We want as many producers as possible, from all across the country, to adopt this important Bio-K source into all fertility plans and experience the gains and differences yourself.  As we get the data collected from all across the fruited plain, we will be eager to share it.  Therefore, Stay Tuned for Very Important Messages from NACHURS in the coming weeks. NACHURS is changing the way potassium is approached on the farm and the proof is in the data.  Be well, be profitable, and stay tuned!

    -Keith Flaniken, Southern US Sales Agronomist