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  • Jun12Tue

    Side-dress and Foliar Opportunities

    Field Notes June 12, 2018 Joe Osterhaus, Sales Agronomist
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    NACHURS K-fuse + UAN32 being applied in north east Arkansas. Photo by Agronomist Keith Flaniken.
    NACHURS K-fuse + UAN32 being applied in north east Arkansas. Photo by Agronomist Keith Flaniken.

    We are now moving into June and Mother Nature has had her fun delaying planting in some parts of the country.  I talked with people from the north ( i.e. Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota) a week ago and they were just wrapping up corn planting due to wet conditions.  Across the corn belt most crops are growing and really looking pretty good. Recent rains have been very welcome here in Nebraska and Iowa. 

    Producers are side-dressing nitrogen and post spraying herbicides.  I have been promoting NACHURS K-fuse with side-dress nitrogen applications and NACHURS Finish Line with post herbicide applications at 1 qt per acre.  NACHURS K-Fuse is a 6-0-12-12 formulation of NACHURS Bio-K and sulfur.  This was developed to mix with UAN at concentrations higher than you could with products like potassium thiosulfate. In some areas of the country our soil’s potassium and sulfur levels have been dropping over the last 20 + years.  Research is showing that this combination of Bio-K and sulfur along with proprietary ingredients has been boosting yields and could be the next step to consistently reaching ever closer to 300+ bu/A.

    NACHURS Finish Line is an 8-4-6 (NPK) with boron, copper, manganese and zinc.  This NPK and micronutrient combination gives your crops the boost they need at important times during the growing season.  We use fully chelated micronutrients so that they don’t get tied up with chemical bonds from crop protection products. This product mixes easily with a wide variety of crop protection has been on the market for 4 years with a proven, positive return on investment. Foliar feeding works despite what you may hear from various universities.  New technologies and plant available forms of nutrients have made NACHURS Finish Line a virtual no brainer.  Don’t miss the opportunity to add to the top end of yields.

    There are always challenges when it comes to farming.  We face these challenges every year by having a plan and trying to limit the variables that we encounter.  At NACHURS we are continually working to find new efficient ways to make the best technologically advanced fertilizer in the industry.  There is a difference.  NACHURS has products you can believe in.