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  • May8Mon

    Seventy One Years of Setting and Maintaining a High Bar

    Field Notes May 8, 2017 Keith Flaniken, Southern US Sales Agronomist
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    Agronomy, Opinion, Field Notes

    A year ago I wrote about our company, Nachurs Alpine Solutions, celebrating its seventieth year of manufacturing and distributing reliable, safe, compatible, and dependable true solutions liquid fertilizer. Seventy one years later, NACHURS continues to deliver, to every imaginable farm and crop, a source of pure NPK, top shelf micronutrients, and unparalleled biology and new technologies.  As an agronomist, it has been an enjoyable and exciting time working with new and innovative fertility solutions used to improve nutrient issues facing producers across the US, Canada, and abroad.

    The fact that this fertility company provides sales and technical support to every producer in North America sets NACHURS apart from many other organizations that were founded and built using NACHURS as the model.  Besides manufacturing N,P,& K, NACHURS’ commitment to sourcing the best raw materials and staying true to its quality standards has fostered an environment of customer service and reliability.  When used as instructed, NACHURS products do what we say they will do.  That has value to me and to most other ag consumers.

    Recently, our crack social media and graphics department (Jenny Phillips, specifically) found some historical newspaper ads.  Some of them date back to the 40’s and 50’s.  What is interesting and encouraging is the fact that what we discuss and talk about today is very similar to what was presented and talked about decades ago.  We have customers today who tell us they have been using NACHURS for two and three generations on their farm.  That’s pretty cool.  For you agricultural history buffs, the ads below should be an interesting trip back in time.  Enjoy…