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  • Apr12Wed

    How well are you taking care of your volunteer labor force?

    Field Notes April 12, 2017 Jay Castleman, Specialty Crop Market Manager
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    Agriculture, in many forms, has existed for thousands of years and has seen great change. Take for instance in our own grand country how we’ve progressed from placing a seed in the ground with a fish to the precision placement of seed and nutritional products today. We have gone from a few acres to tens of thousands of acres on some farms and perhaps more.

    In spite of our progress in some ways, though we might not think of it this way, we are still farming small! Let me explain.

    We think of ourselves as cultivating acres. Ask any farmer, how much land do you farm and he’ll tell you so many acres. Look at any production report and we quantify it as so many acres. Though that is true in one sense it’s not completely accurate.

    Life as we know it on earth depends on something so small we tend to overlook it. I’m speaking of the biology within the Rhizosphere. Life as we know it depends on the health and vitality of the rhizosphere and the synergistic relationship between biology, soil and the vegetation.

    The center for production, in truth, moves from the universal acre to approximately 2% of that, the area that contains the rhizosphere. How hard are we working to cover that acre? How much consideration are we giving the real driving force behind crop production?  

    There is soooo much talk today about undocumented workers… well let me remind you that there are billions of undocumented workers in every gram of soil. Billions upon billions of workers on your behalf, supporting life’s processes each and every day.

    Let me ask you, how well are you taking care of your volunteer labor force?

    Many of today’s practices and some products stress or damage the Rhizobiology; less tillage and the use of cover crops can help and are good steps toward better stewardship but we can do more.

    NACHURS Rhyzo-Link products are an additional step we can take when managing the health and activity within the rhizosphere. Adding more workers to the workforce is a big step but even more is adding the right worker to the team.

    Rhyzo-Link products contain a focused consortium of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria. Partnered with high quality nutrients and Bio-K technology make this a product line built with purpose; the right biological strains that bring the intended value to production as well as the number of colonies that can get the job done.

    Crop production is a big job carried out by the smallest worker within the smaller area; think small and add Rhyzo-Link products in your program today.