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  • Jul19Tue

    NACHURS in the specialty crop world

    July 19, 2016
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    Agronomy, Opinion, Field Notes

    Always the innovator, never the imitator is our goal and those words have never been truer than the last number of years.

    NACHURS has for years led the industry in innovation, beginning with the early liquid fertilizer materials that our Grandfathers used, to high performance nutritional products of today. Greater consumer pressure to produce a quality product along with the greater need for efficient products that support greater returns and the continuing focus on Environmental Stewardship has led NACHURS to the product tool box that we have today.

    This tool box, has brought great benefit into the Row Crop markets but even more so into the Specialty Crop world.


    The NACHURS tool set has brought great ability to a market driven on producing a crop as well as one that will meet demands on crop size, color, flavor, aroma, harvest window, duration of harvest, crop durability and shelf life. Currently few companies have the tool set that NACHURS has to truly influence all of those desired traits.

    NACHURS has always been a company of evolution with continued advancement in product technology, manufacturing standards and customer support. We have also serviced growers in dual markets, the Row Crop Market as well as the Specialty Crop Market. Due to the strong advantages that our product line brings to the table, we are excited to announce that NACHURS has created a division dedicated to the Specialty Crop producer.

    This segment of our company is focused solely on everything other than the traditional row crops, with focused product development and a staff dedicated to the support and production of such crops like Fruits & Vegetables, Ornamental Crops, Greenhouse Crops and Tree Nut Crops to name a few.

    You might be surprised to know that our work in these crops isn’t new and that many of the crops that are distributed by large National produce labels that grace your table daily may have been produced with NACHURS products and technology.


    NACHURS and the American Producer: touching your lives from construction material building this great country, to the clothes on your back, to the food on your table. Innovation, progress and focus are the very core of our company.

    -Jay Castleman, Eastern US Sales Agronomist