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  • Jul10Mon

    NACHURS Core Beliefs

    Field Notes July 10, 2017 Joe Osterhaus, Sales Agronomist
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    We see the pictures every year of starter vs no starter.
    We see the pictures every year of starter vs no starter.

    NACHURS fertilizer is the best component of an overall well-rounded fertility program.  The days of putting on the entire amount of fertilizer pre-plant are over.  I decided to write this blog about NACHURS core beliefs because there are a lot of people that don’t know what NACHURS is all about. 

    NACHURS fertilizer came into existence over 70 years ago.  We believe the best way to sustainability is to follow the 4R nutrient stewardship program.  NACHURS has preached this from the beginning.  NACHURS fertilizer is highly soluble and readily available for plant uptake.  We believe in placing the right high quality nutrients in the right place using the right amount of fertilizer at the right time.  We advocate putting starter fertilizer with the seed at planting.  Everyone agrees that the key to high yields is a quick starting, uniform stand.   Cool wet soils inhibit root development and nutrient uptake.  We definitely had cool wet soils this spring in Nebraska this year.  We see the pictures every year of starter vs no starter (photo above).

    NACHURS recommends spoon feeding your crops for the most efficient use of applied nutrients.  In today’s farm economy producers must get a return on the fertilizer being applied.  When the markets are good, farmers try to build fertility levels in their soils.  Now, with markets being low, efficiency is the key to survival.  Broadcasting large amounts of dry fertilizer is not efficient and the return on investment takes a few years.  Producers today need to have a solid fertility plan. They need to precision place fertility so that crops can recover the applied fertilizer for maximum return on investment.  NACHURS has products that fit every application opportunity from dry broadcast to in-furrow starters, from side-dress, and foliar applications to fertigation.  Our new lineup of premium and specialty products offer cutting edge technology and the biological edge farmers are looking for.  Don’t go backwards, go to for more information on how we can help you.  We’re happy to talk fertilizer.