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  • When people think about fertigation, normally it is thought of as a way to deliver timely nitrogen in the form of UAN.  This has proven to be very effective in growing high yielding corn.  It also is very effective in areas where soils simply can’t hold nutrients due to sandy, low CEC and low organic matter.

    Applying phosphate with water has always been a no no because the cations in hard water react with phosphate and tie up nutrients and form particulates that can plug an irrigation system.  NACHURS has introduced our Aqua-Tech line of fertilizer specifically designed for application through drip irrigation as well as center pivot irrigation. Using polyamine technology we are able to keep cations found in hard water occupied so that they don’t interfere with the phosphate.  We use 100% orthophosphate so that it is readily available to plants.  NACHURS also uses Bio-K: the most soluble and efficient form of potassium.  So now we have new opportunities to feed plants through fertigation; we aren’t tied to just UAN or other insoluble forms of potassium.

    NACHURS offers 2 formulations of Aqua-Tech fertilizer.   Aqua-Tech 7-20-4 offers great opportunities to get additional phosphate to plants in season in a very easy handling effective way.  Aqua-Tech 2-0-20 with micronutrients offers great diversity of timing nutrient applications for precision. 

    We are having good interest in these products across the nation where irrigation is used.  Don’t miss your opportunity to Fertigate with Confidence.

    -Joe Osterhaus, Northern US Sales Agronomist