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  • Aug7Mon

    NACHURS and the Jawor Family Farm

    Field Notes August 7, 2017 Jay Castleman, Specialty Crop Market Manager
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    NACHURS and the Jawor Family Farm

    NACHURS is a production partner with blueberry growers across the US bringing quality products and services to this industry. The unique qualities and the value added properties of our products, particularly our new sciences, build great value in this crop and bring proven performance to the grower and processor.

    NACHURS has the privilege of supplying product and technical services to one such company in Ravenna Michigan: Jawor Brothers Blueberry Farm and Country Store.

    Jawor Brothers Blueberry is a long standing family farm originating with founders Carl Jawor Sr. and his wife, Millie. This legacy began in 1962 with the purchase of the Jawor’s first farm in Bridgeton Michigan followed by over a dozen acquisitions in the years to come.

    The pride of the Jawor family has always been in the production of quality berries but even more so as a “Family” farm. The farm grew through the years to become over 800 acres, supporting a number of blueberry varieties and a U-Pick operation as well as a Country Store and Bakery. The Country Store and Bakery was a longtime dream of Millie’s. The bakery serves fresh baked blueberry pies and pastries derived from Jawor family recipes made fresh daily in the store’s kitchen.

    Along with the growth of the farm, the family grew as well. Today the farm is managed by Carl and Millie’s sons, Mike and Jeff with the help of several grandchildren, all playing vital roles within the operation.

    NACHURS takes an active role on farms like the Jawor’s Farm through strong Agronomy, experienced personnel and high quality products to advance production in yield and berry quality.

    We have two product lines in particular that is providing great benefit to blueberry growers across the US including the Jawor’s production. NACHURS Rhyzo-Link line and our Bio-K line of products bring added value and advanced ability to build the Jawor’s a value added crop and the consumer a healthier product.

    Blueberries are grown in less than desirable conditions by most standards but for a blueberry plant a soil with a pH of 4.8 to 5.2 is ideal.

    This soil environment promotes a number of challenges where nutrient is concerned. The use of the Rhyzo-Link line of products help mineralize and assimilate fixed nutrient, improve plant health and manage plant stress. The potassium acetate, or Bio-K line, provides growers with great ability to build larger and sweeter berries while improving upon overall crop quality, all adding value to production. I’ve found from some of my research that increasing the size of a blueberry by 1/10 inch can equal an increase in yield of as much as 21%!  

    NACHURS and the Jawor Family Farm: another great combination providing quality produce for the health conscious consumer.

    You can find the Jawor Brothers Blueberry Farm and Country Store at 7545 Heights Ravenna Road in Ravenna Michigan, they can be reached 231-760-4434.