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  • Jul25Mon

    NACHURS and the 4Rs

    July 25, 2016
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    Agronomy, Opinion, Field Notes, 4Rs

    As I was sitting at the table eating fresh corn on the cob, I had a chance to reflect on where my dinner had come from.  Green beans and cucumbers from my daughter’s garden, sweet corn from a good friend and local farmer, and locally grown beef here in Nebraska.  We are a lucky bunch to be able to work in agriculture.  We’re part of an exclusive group of people doing a very important job.  We are trying to feed the world’s population.  We’ve seen chaos ensue when a population is starving.  Never ever doubt the importance of our work.  With that importance comes a great responsibility to grow safe produce as efficiently as possible.

    People in the fertilizer industry have begun to embrace the 4R nutrient stewardship initiative.  That is using the Right Source of fertilizer, applying that fertilizer in the Right Place, using the Right Rate, and applying that fertilizer at the Right time for most efficient use by the crop.   NACHURS has always been focused on this idea. NACHURS is a brand celebrating 70 years in the agriculture industry this year and we’ve been promoting environmental responsibility and producer efficiency from the beginning.  The media paints agriculture with a pretty broad brush and generally not in a very positive manner.  Fertilizer runoff, over-application of herbicides and pesticides and food borne illnesses are just a few hot topics in the media.   Most producers do a great job of taking care of the land and growing crops in an efficient manner.  NACHURS can help fine tune fertility programs for best efficiency, and best yields.  Our fertilizers use the latest technology, the best raw materials and we have people that can custom fit programs for your operation.  From berries and nuts, to wheat, soybeans, and corn.  We belong on every farm.  Farmers need the fertilizers that not only take care of equipment, but enhance yields while taking care of the environment.  We have an important job; we feed the world.

    -Joe Osterhaus, Northern US Sales Agronomist