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  • Agriculture has evolved, becoming increasingly fast-paced, with new products and technologies available for every segment of the industry, from seed to equipment. Similarly, the fertilizer industry continues to evolve also.

    Science proves it is possible to encounter crop nutrient limitations even with highly fertile soils. Root nutrient uptake is often limited by poor quality fertilizer material, untimely applications, drought, excessive moisture, compaction, poor irrigation water quality and countless other environmental factors. Since 1946 NACHURS® has led the fertilizer industry in offering the agriculture industry the best scientifically sound fertilizer technologies to address these issues.

    New NACHURS® products continue to provide common sense solutions for farmers with science-based fertilizers to enhance nutrient use efficiency which will maximize crop production and overall farm profit:

    • Bio-K® is the most effective, lowest salt, least corrosive, most soluble, and most plant available potassium source in the industry.
    • Rhyzo-Link™ is a fertilizer combined with 8 unique strains of plant growth promoting rhyzobacteria which link soil health/ chemistry and plant productivity through efficient balance, placement, and recovery of soil/plant nutrients.
    • YaraVita® Procote™ provides a unique way to coat micronutrients onto dry fertilizer to provide maximum efficiency and nutrient distribution across the field, which greatly improves plant uptake compared to alternative methods of spreading dry micronutrients.
    • Aqua-Tech™ fertilizers are designed to be injected through irrigation systems. The exclusive technology of Aqua-Tech™ solves the problem of hard water tie-up with phosphorus. This product line boasts of the ultimate in nutrient availability, ease of use, and safety (handling and equipment) for most irrigation water, including drip irrigation systems.

    Maximum efficiency is achieved when combining high efficiency fertilizer with sound soil fertility management. Use NACHURS® beginning with in-furrow fertility for all crops; add the finishing touches with NACHURS® foliar applied nutrition, micronutrients, and other unique technologies.

    The quality of the ingredients used to manufacture NACHURS® liquid fertilizers are second to none. Virgin raw materials are selected for maximum nutrient availability, solubility, and ease in handling, storage and application. Farmers are encouraged to discuss fertility solutions with one of our district sales managers or sales agronomists.