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  • The Farm Progress Show took place in Boone, IA last week.  I was not able to attend this year but looking at numerous pictures posted on social media sites and various news articles I began to think about what Farm Progress actually means.  In some cases progress means bigger equipment, faster grain handling systems, and smarter data management systems.  At NACHURS, progress means efficiency with new and innovative products.

    When was the last time a fertilizer company introduced four new products in one year?  NACHURS fertilizer did this last growing season.  These new products improve efficiency across the farm as well as boost yields.  Improvements in efficiency from the way fertilizer is applied to the soil and plants, to the way plants actually utilize applied nutrients. 

    If you as a farmer are spreading dry fertilizer, you need to know about YaraVita Procote micronutrients. If you are using fertigation, you need to know about Aqua-Tech fertilizer products.  If you are using starter fertilizer, strip tilling, sidedressing or foliar feeding you need to know about NACHURS Bio-K products.  If you are using biologicals and progressing toward soil health then you need to know about NACHURS Rhyzo-Link products.

    I think I’ve covered most all of you reading this.  If you are farming today, you need to know about new, more efficient ways of feeding your crops to maximize yield while maximizing efficiency on the farm.  Your NACHURS Agronomy team would be happy to talk with you to help you understand true progress on the farm.


    -Joe Osterhaus, Northern US Sales Agronomist