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  • Jun13Tue

    Just When We Think We Have a Break in the Action!

    Field Notes June 13, 2017 Joe Pflum, Northeast US Sales Agronomist
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    Agronomy, Opinion, Field Notes, Micronutrients, 4Rs, Foliar

    Now that we have the planting and replanting all finished up we're entering one of the greatest feeding times for our corn crop.  Over the next couple months we will all witness something amazing as we watch our corn reach for the sky.  As it accumulates, this large mass of vegetation comes with a price; it will be solubilizing and mineralizing nutrients that we have supplied it to do its job.  During this period it is our job as its caretaker to make sure it is not deficient in any nutrient that we can provide via foliar or side dress.  This is why one of the best things we can provide it during this time is our own shadow, by walking our fields and digging roots.  We may not be able to recover from a nutrient deficiency if we wait too long.  If we catch it early enough we can prevent any further loss of yield potential.  This is always a good time to foliar feed nutrients. Even when we do see a deficiency we can push our yield potential.  Ask you NACHURS distributor how we can help your crop.