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  • Sep25Tue

    “It’s fun to sell NACHURS!”

    September 25, 2018 Wayne Oosterhoff, NACHURS DSM
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    NACHURS Products, Technology Products

    Paul Zimmerman Jr. has been selling NACHURS products in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania, since he was quite young. His father, Paul Sr., had been an ALPINE dealer since the 1980s until his death about 20 years ago.  When ALPINE merged with NACHURS they became NACHURS dealers, and the business went on cruise control for a dozen years.

    In 2010 the introduction of NACHURS SRN caught Paul’s attention! This was something new and exciting to talk about and introduce to his customers.  Then in 2012 was the launch of NACHURS Bio-K, followed by NACHURS Rhyzo-Link in late 2014. These new technologies were easy to promote since they sold themselves in visual crop responses. We were even challenged by a farmer to find where he had used NACHURS Rhyzo-Link. Quick work with a shovel uncovered the evidence of enlarged roots that gave the story away.

    Paul is planning to start a new enterprise this fall after splitting the old family business, and NACHURS technologies will be the cornerstone of this business.

    We’ve gone from the days the business was on cruise control for a decade until today where Paul says “It’s fun to sell NACHURS!”