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  • When it comes to foliar feeding timing is the most important thing to look at.  Be ready to apply foliar feed early rather than make a last minute decision.  In corn, foliar feedings' biggest bang happens when the corn is developing the ear in the v3-v5 growth stage.  At this stage it is best to use an NPK with micronutrients.  That plant has got to believe that it has enough nutrients to maximize ear size.  If you spray late you miss that window of opportunity.  That’s not to say that there aren’t other important times in the corn lifecycle.  Foliar feeding at tassel time with slow release nitrogen ensures that plant having the fuel it needs to get to the finish line.

    In soybeans there are also specific times when foliar feeding is very beneficial.  I have found that spraying an NPK fertilizer with micronutrients at pre-bloom to 1st week of blooming is very important is very important in flower initiation as well as flower retention.  More flowers = More pods.  Then foliar feeding at the R3-R4 stage helps to maximize seed size. 

    With some planting finished and a long way to go in the wet cold areas, make plans with your NACHURS distributor.  Be ready to add 1qt of NACHURS Finish Line with that first post spray of herbicide.  NACHURS Finish Line is an 8-4-6 with Boron, Copper, Manganese, and Zinc with a little fulvic acid and surfactants.  This product is very economical and has shown positive results almost nationwide.  It’s all in the timing; be ready, have a plan and increase yields. 

    -Joe Osterhaus, Northern US Sales Agronomist