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  • Nov14Tue

    “It Ain’t Bragg’n… if it’s True”

    Field Notes November 14, 2017 Keith Flaniken, Southern US Sales Agronomist
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    “It Ain’t Bragg’n… if it’s True”

    A lifelong best friend, Willie, lost his father-in-law this past week.  At the memorial service, some of his more infamous quotes and phrases were read to the mourners as part of the celebration of life service.  I knew Mr. Allen very well since Willie married Allen’s daughter back in the late 70’s.  He was a boisterous character full of life and charm.  He spent most of his retirement from the FAA helping with Willie’s large farming operation.  He once jumped from a grain trailer only to hook his wedding band stripping his ring finger of everything but the bone.  Said he did not need the finger anyway.  He had been married long enough to remember that he was.  His most famous quote, I heard hundreds of times, was “It ain’t bragging if it’s true”.

    Hearing that phrase again, reminded me of how true it is, for me at least, regardless of the humor Allen meant in repeating it.   As I plan and prepare for my seventh planting season with NACHURS, I’m proud of what we have achieved thus far and the successes that have been acknowledged and brought forth.  Since I joined NACHURS, fertility technology introductions, new fertility blends, and upgraded micro blends have been launched by NACHURS in historic proportions.   I take a back seat to no one in saying my (our) nutrient management recommendations work when followed.  NACHURS has been making fertility recommendations going on 72 years.  We know what we are doing.

    I have the pleasure of meeting and working with both new and established NACHURS customers every week across a vast geography.  I actually look forward to going to work each week.  Each week is always a new journey with unexpected opportunities.  A couple of years ago, a young MO cotton farmer asked me not long after we met why I am so excited and passionate about what I do.  Is it not just a job like other reps?  Without thinking, I responded that I love my job because for the most part, I get to put smiles on faces and bring satisfaction to farmers whom I’m privileged to work with.  Unlike crop protection products and other ag inputs where we use a host of chemistries to stop, prevent, cure, and solve problems…I get to use crop nutrition and plant food technologies to actually build and grow healthy plants, establish hardy root systems, greatly enhance our odds of higher yields, reduce nutrient runoff, increase nutrient efficiency and uptake, just to name a few.

    In 2017 alone a couple of solid, profitable technologies continued to show out, such as introducing new customers including potato producers, soybean producers, cotton producers, peanut producers, and corn producers to NACHURS Bio-K: the absolute, hands down best K source available in the ag marketplace today.   When placed in furrow, deep tilled, sidedressed, subsurface dripped, pivot irrigated, or foliar applied, the efficacy of Bio-K is unmatched in availability, translocation, safety, solubility, compatibility, and to top it off it is non-corrosive.  We saw similar results again this year with NACHURS Rhyzo-link technology.  When applied with Bio-K fertility, the extremely high populations of pure culture, bacillus PGPR dramatically enhance root development and encourage plant friendly microbial growth to explode.  NACHURS Bio-k and Rhyzo-Link technologies are like adding 2+2 and getting 6.  Can’t beat that math.

    So when I was reminded of Allen’s famous phrase, I knew it applied to what I am privileged to do for a living… make customers and producers smile and happy and know NACHURS programs work. 

    It Ain’t Brag’n… if it’s True

    Thanks Allen, I was blessed to be your friend.