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  • Oct19Wed


    Field Notes October 19, 2016 Joe Osterhaus, Sales Agronomist
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    Harvest is rolling along here in central Nebraska and producers are seeing mixed yields. Some are good and some are not so good.  Seems the summer stresses from Mother Nature have affected corn yields yet again.  (  There is very little we can do about Mother Nature, but we can set ourselves up for maximum yields should she decide to cooperate.

    It starts now, with having a plan.  Now is the time to get soil samples so you can layer these with yield maps and see how you are doing with fertility.  Do your homework; you owe it to yourself to use the most efficient forms of nutrients.  Read about Bio-K and Rhyzo-Link products.  These products can help   fight biotic and abiotic stresses.  Compare NACHURS to the competition.  Most of all ask questions.  You can contact us at  We can tell you about our product line and help you design the most efficient fertility plan for your operation.  We can put you in contact with NACHURS dealers in your area.

    Have a safe harvest and we look forward to talking to you soon.