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  • Oct17Tue

    Harvest Time: A good time to evaluate management and plan for next year

    Field Notes October 17, 2017 Wayne Becker, Southern RSM
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    Agronomy, Opinion, Field Notes

    It is harvest time across most of the country.  Harvest is the time that we are able to evaluate the effectiveness of our crop management programs. 

    Producing crops requires farmers to make decisions based on scientific evidence and producer experience.  Farmers must use the tools available to them to make decisions concerning many management factors, such as: tillage, variety selection, plant population, fertility, pest management, and possibly irrigation.  These management factors affect yield and profitability for multiple seasons and mistakes made with one management factor can mask gains made with another.  Additionally, unknown factors can act as antagonists and may prevent desired yield goals.  Antagonists may be found in spray water, the soil or in the way a crop or variety interacts with its environment. Antagonists may be environmental or induced by the farming system.  Many common antagonists such as soil pH or unbalanced base saturation levels can be managed and eventually overcome.

    Each year agriculture professionals learn more about overcoming yield antagonists.  As a result farmers are continually presented with an abundance of new agronomic information; keeping up with emerging trends and sorting through information for relevance to your operation is often very difficult. 

    When it comes to overcoming crop nutrient uptake antagonists, the team of professionals working for NACHURS would like to help you wade through the evidence and to design a plan that will help to unlock your crop’s true potential.  NACHURS has been the innovator in crop fertility for over 70 years.  We look forward to serving you this coming season as we take the information learned from 2017 and improve for 2018.