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    Harvest 2018

    Field Notes October 17, 2018 Joe Osterhaus, Sales Agronomist
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    Harvest 2018

    This year’s fall harvest weather sure feels a lot like this year’s Nebraska Cornhusker football team.  Every day starts with great promise and then Mother Nature throws a flag. Most have been pleased with the yields they are seeing so far but the rains are sure making it a challenge.  My area of Nebraska (70 miles west of Lincoln) has had nearly 10” of rain the last month.  It seems as if half of the US is underwater this fall and every time the wind starts to blow anxiety levels rise knowing the possibility of crops falling down due to stalk rot and disease.  We know that there isn’t a darn thing we can do about it at this point.  Another turnover or penalty that the coach can’t do anything about. Things may have to hit rock bottom first as I woke up to snow this morning after another Husker loss.  The Cornhuskers are going to improve and rest assured that the weather will improve, the ground will dry and at the end of the game the crops will be in the bin.

    We select crops, hybrids, and cultivars to perform the best on each farm the same way coaches recruit players to fill positions that give them the best opportunity to win.  A plan is developed literally from the ground up.  Starting at the soil fertility and crop needs to in season fertilizer applications to maximize return.  Farmers are looking to sustain that drive all the way to harvest.  Do football coaches rely on old slow players to fill their rosters or are they recruiting the best they can find? Progressive growers are finding the best and most innovative fertility tools on the market to ensure that the crops being grown are the healthiest and best they can be.  Progressive growers are spoon feeding their crops to make them better just like good coaches keep coaching after mistakes they keep looking for that edge and trying to get better results and eventually the WIN.

    Studying, planning, and implementing the plan is the key to winning.  NACHURS liquid starters, micro-nutrients, foliar nutrition and fertigation products are your line of 5 star recruits that give you the winning edge.  Go to to study about the Premium, and Specialty product lineup. NACHURS has the product for every application. Have a safe and successful harvest. Go Big Red!

    As I wrap this up, remember Mother Nature has dealt another serious blow to the Florida panhandle. Please keep all of this year’s hurricane victims (Carolinas and Florida) in your thoughts and prayers.