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  • Nov23Mon

    Giving Thanks

    November 23, 2015
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    Agronomy, Opinion, Field Notes, NACHURS Products, Technology Products

    This is the time of year when we stop to give thanks for all of our blessings.  This year I am thankful to work in the Ag industry.  Every year is a different adventure which keeps life interesting.  I get to work with the people who feed the world.  I get to help farmers grow better crops.  I get to help farmers become better stewards of the environment.   I get to learn about new products offered by what seems like every company in the industry.

    This year I got to teach farmers about new products that NACHURS brought to market.  NACHURS brought new products that fit every aspect of fertilizer application.  YaraVita Procote are micronized Micronutrients designed to coat prilled or granular dry fertilizers for even distribution across fields.  The Rhyzo-Link product line combines NACHURS high quality fertilizer with a consortium of beneficial plant growth promoting rhyzobacteria.  This multi-strain blend of beneficial bacteria promote soil health, plant health, and in the end higher yields. The Rhyzo-Link products are designed for infurrow and foliar application.   The new Aqua-Tech products are designed for fertigation through drip line and pivot irrigation with no nutrient tie up due to hard water issues. 

    I’m thankful for new innovation and quality products.  I’m thankful for the quality people I work with to make farmer successful every year.

    -Joe Osterhaus, Northern US Sales Agronomist