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  • Aug14Mon

    Get Involved

    Field Notes August 14, 2017 Joe Osterhaus, Sales Agronomist
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    Get Involved

    Most times I write this blog, I sit and think about an agronomic topic that has something to do with whatever time of year it may happen to be, or perhaps to get the reader to think about the next growing season. Today though, I had a topic figured out halfway through the week.  No Bull.

    Nobull is the NACHURS mascot; a very muscular Bull almost Super Hero worthy, well not quite, but you get the picture.  Well this week there was yet another public sighting of Nobull.  At NACHURS, we believe in community involvement.  NACHURS is a strong supporter of the Marion Ohio Police Department, the city of Marion and surrounding areas. Nobull can be found at many community activities.  Being an active part of your community is your responsibility as a citizen.  All too often people don’t want to get involved, claiming they don’t have the time.  That is how rural towns begin to die off.  I myself have been on the local city parks board.  I have four very active kids who are now closer to adults and city parks were important to me.  This experience allowed me to make the community better, not just for my family, but for everybody.   Finding time is not always easy, but that is no reason to be lazy either.  If you don’t get involved, you don’t get to have your voice heard.

    This weekend I played in the local FFA alumni golf tournament, and NACHURS donated a small prize to the FFA hackers and whackers (golfers).  The committee was very appreciative of the support from companies like NACHURS.  The funds raised at events like this are put into scholarship funds to help the current members achieve their goals.  It isn’t just the donation.  This allows you to network, get in front of members of the FFA and the school Ag instructor.  You get the opportunity to pass on your knowledge to the future of agriculture.  Get to know these young people, help them with projects. Watch them grow. They are the future of the industry.

    There are many ways to get involved in your community. People are always looking for volunteers.  It shouldn’t take a tornado or flood or some other natural disaster to get people involved.   We are losing rural communities every year. Look for ways to make your community better.   I close this article with visions of Nobull competing in dance contests and me standing deep in a sand trap, thinking to myself community involvement is another responsibility you have in adulthood, but it can be fun.  Get involved.