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  • We have all seen the benefits of adding a foliar feed application to our growing crops.  Common micronutrients include zinc, iron, boron, copper, molybdenum, and manganese.  Typically adding micronutrients into your spray tank solution with Glyphosate has not been recommended by major manufacturers.  This is, in part, due to the incompatibility with Glyphosate and the form or the salt of the micronutrient being added.  

    The problem occurs because most micros are positively charged cations and Glyphosate carries a negative charge.  We are all familiar with the term opposites attract, the positively charged cation (micronutrient) will bind with the negatively charged anion (Glyphosate); thus Glyphosate can bind with the micronutrients in our spray tank solution and render Glyphosate ineffective - and the micronutrient as well.  

    Even the hardness of our ground water used to fill our spray tank can even affect the Glyphosate.  Ground water can contain positively charged cations macros and micro like calcium and iron.  Even though they may be present in very small amounts they could potentially interfere.  Adding ammonium sulfate will usually overcome this antagonism between hard water and Glyphosate by supplying positive charged ammonium for the Glyphosate and offering negatively charged sulfate to the positively charged cations present in ground water.  

    We can see there is a very delicate balance when adding products into our sprayer.  This is why when we add micronutrients into our Glyphosate application we must make sure they are in a form that will not interfere with Glyphosate and still allow maximum uptake of the nutrient into the crop. NACHURS Finish Line was developed for maximum nutrient uptake to be supplied along with Glyphosate compatibility.  This is possible because NACHURS uses EDTA to neutralize the charge on our copper, manganese, and zinc so that they become more compatible with Glyphosate. Farmers are able to maximize the value of each trip over the field, successfully combining micronutrients and Glyphosate applications.

    NACHURS Finish Line offers a full micro pack of boron, copper, manganese, and zinc.   NACHURS Finish Line is formulated with EDTA micros, Bio-K (potassium acetate) and fulvic acid which aid in crop development and yield.  

    -Joe Pflum, Northeast US Sales Agronomist