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  • With the start of baseball season, there are many similarities that can be drawn to plant growth, stand establishment, and final yield.  Regardless of production system (traditional row crops, vegetable crops, greenhouse, transplants, etc.), it is extremely important to get the plant off to a strong, healthy start.  It is well documented that slow emerging, struggling plants provide little to no contribution to yield, and oftentimes are the source for disease inoculation within a field.  The use of in-furrow fertilization (3-6 gallons for corn; 1-3 gallons for soybeans, cotton; 6-10 gallons for potatoes, etc.) and/or nutrient supplementation via transplant solutions (1-2% v/v) provide the foundation for rapid, uniform plant emergence and subsequent healthy stand establishment.  NACHURS has a wide variety of products to choose from with varying degrees nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium concentrations to choose from, all from high quality, low salt materials.  NACHURS was also the first to market with Rhyzo-Link fertility solutions, which combines a nutrient component (N, P, K, S, Zn) with a multi-strain, microbial package (bacillus ssp.) to provide the ultimate boost in plant establishment.  Reflecting back to baseball, I will tie in a summary that provides relevance to both agriculture and sports, “You can’t win the division in April, but you can lose it!”

    - Tommy Roach, Director of Specialty Products & Product Development