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  • Feb20Mon

    Farm show season is coming to an end

    Field Notes February 20, 2017 Joe Osterhaus, Sales Agronomist
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    The farm show season is coming to a close for another year and at the close of the Commodity Classic March 4th, the 2016-17 crop season will be underway. From Dakotafest in Mitchell SD in August, to the Montana Grain Growers Conference in Great Falls MT, to the KFYR International Ag Show just last week in Bismarck ND.  There have been good shows and outstanding farm shows.  Even a few disappointments, but overall a very strong show season. 

    Word is out and NACHURS new product line with Bio-K, Rhyzo-Link, Aqua-Tech, and YaraVita Procote are generating a lot of interest.  I have answered a lot of questions regarding NACHURS Bio-K.  People are genuinely interested in a better form of potassium and Bio-K fits the bill for every type of fertilizer application.  Biologicals and soil health are the hot topic in the Ag world and once again NACHURS is the innovator with the Rhyzo-Link lineup. Plant growth promoting rhyzo-bacteria provide beneficial biological compounds to your entire crop and in the end higher yield.  YaraVita Procote is for use with dry fertilizer impregnation.  This is quickly becoming the micronutrient standard.  Aqua-Tech has proven to boost yields through fertigation systems in season making it possible to spoon feed crops throughout the season for greater efficiency. 

    It is or will soon be time to put seed in the ground.  I hear seed and chemical company agronomists region wide talk about cheap insurance, usually introducing a new seed treatment or fungicide.  Don’t believe for a minute that these products do more than a popup or starter fertilizer treatment.  We hear time and again that the key to high yields is strong even emergence and almost every year we see the positive effect of starter fertilizer placed in furrow. The best way to ensure a strong, even stand is to use a quality N-P-K starter.  Be very careful when choosing new products.  Read labels and ask questions.  Make telephone calls.  Better yet, come talk to us at the Commodity Classic.  We will have a strong presence and a team of professionals to answer your questions.  See you in San Antonio, Texas.