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  • May30Tue

    Don't Miss Opportunities

    Field Notes May 30, 2017 Joe Osterhaus, Sales Agronomist
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    Is side-dressing fertilizer part of your farm operation?  If so, are you using it to the fullest potential?  In a year like this when the spring is wet and we may have had some nitrogen loss to leaching and denitrification, side-dressing is a great way to add N but also gives an opportunity for additional potassium and sulfur application which may be needed for N uptake.  Nitrogen and potassium are the two most used nutrients when growing corn, followed by phosphorous and sulfur.

    We have heard for years now that the most efficient use of fertilizer is achieved when nutrients are split applied in plant available form.  NACHURS premium line of fertilizers uses NACHURS Bio-K as the potassium source.  NACHURS K-fuel and NACHURS K-flex are optimum side-dress products that offer the most efficient plant available form of potassium on the market.  Side-dressing is not just for nitrogen.  In years when there is excessive rains and cooler cloudy weather, your corn can turn yellow and not grow well.  Many times your N:S ratio is out of balance.  Adding NACHURS K-flex 0-0-19-6S to your side-dress application can remedy this.  Opportunities are in front of you, don’t miss out.