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  • Is your crop consultant looking to the future or is he or she doing business as usual?  Is your Co-op or retailer trying new things or are they using the same old products and old technology?  Having been a crop consultant for 16 years prior to working for NACHURS, I am very aware of the training meetings and how consultants are trained on fertility and how recommendations are made.  I’ve been to meetings where University personnel say that starter fertilizer is not needed and there is no need for potassium in High K soils.  Low salt, high orthophosphate starters show no benefit over 10-34-0. These people are not looking at the new products on the market.  They are trying to save you into prosperity.

    The new NACHURS products contain Bio-K, the most soluble form of potassium available, and data is showing a benefit.  We are seeing consistent improvement in yield in all crops from Texas to Canada and all points in between.  I was told last week by a former consultant who now does plot work for a local retailer who said he talked with an active consultant about adding NACHURS K-Flex (a product containing Bio-K) to 10-34-0.  The consultant wouldn’t believe 3 years of consistent data.  Why be so close minded to new products that are improving yields?  My theory is some consultants don’t like change and don’t want to recommend spending a little more because they’ve been trained a certain way.  I see retailers doing things the same way.  They want to continue doing things the way they always have. 

    Farmers on the other hand are embracing change and benefiting from new forms of fertilizer and gathering knowledge.  Farmers want higher yields and are trying new things.  They understand that you cannot save yourself into prosperity.  Gaining return on investment is the way to stay in business.  If your consultant won’t change the way he thinks, it could be time to change consultants.

    -Joe Osterhaus, Northern US Sales Agronomist