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  • Jul23Sun

    Don’t Take Potassium for Granted

    Field Notes July 23, 2017 Keith Flaniken, Southern US Sales Agronomist
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    Don’t Take Potassium for Granted

    Nitrogen is critical for plant development, health, and yield.  Nitrogen management has always received the most attention.  As the plant’s lifecycle shifts into reproductive mode, nearly all of its internal energy begins moving nutrients to fruit development.  A key component in transporting these nutrients is potassium.  As the plant matures, potassium levels nearly always drop at the most critical time. 

    Potassium plays a very important role in the life cycle and is often overlooked and taken for granted.  The list below are just a few of the key functions of potassium:

    • Aids in overall plant health and defense mechanisms
    • Builds cellulose for stalk and stem strength
    • Essential in starch and protein production/formation
    • Major role in internal water regulation
    • Regulates CO2 uptake
    • Activation of strategic enzymes
    • Fruit development and grain fill


    As it has been mentioned time and time again, it is important to monitor soil health and nutrition levels periodically during the growing season.  Especially monitor potassium levels as the crop begins to transition into reproductive mode.  It is much more difficult to catch up if deficiency symptoms become visible. 

    Many of our customers incorporate a foliar potassium program later in season to ensure their K levels remain sufficient to high.  NACHURS K-fuel (0-0-24) powered by Bio-K is ideal for this management practice.  It is compatible with most any crop protection material to “ride” with normal foliar applications of those products.  If a grower is planning on multiple foliar applications in a season, applying 1 gal/ac of NACHURS K-fuel each time is both cost effective, efficient, and plant beneficial.  Bio-K is by far the most soluble, available, compatible, efficient, and beneficial form of foliar applied potassium in production agriculture. 

    Monitor all nutrient levels but during flowering pay particular attention to your potassium levels and prevent low K symptoms from reducing production yields and overall plant health.

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