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  • We usually don’t use this blog site for a blatant infomercial.  But this exception will be worth the read. 

    There has not been a more important crop season than 2016 in recent memory.  All of us in this industry have to carefully plan and execute a blueprint for success.  Input advice is coming out of the woodwork and from all corners.  The big question is what do I cut out of the budget while maintaining or increasing my year end production?

    Plant and soil nutrition is a hefty annual input cost and is rightfully on the table to be analyzed for reduction or even elimination all across the country.  Tread lightly down this road.  It is not going to do anyone any good to reduce yield, in a year like this one, due to a reduction in our nutritional program.  If you do need to reduce some nutritional inputs and cost, at least consider a substitute/replacement at less cost.

    NACHURS introduced a new product a couple of seasons ago that has gained our attention much more than expected.  Now for the infomercial.  NACHURS Finish Line has proven to be a powerful and profitable addition to our plant nutritional program.  In fact, I will go so far as saying this product of Bio-K fertility + essential key micronutrients + organic acid should be applied, to some degree, on every acre and every crop grown today in the United States.  That is a bold statement, but it really is that beneficial, that good, and that affordable. 

    Foliar apply NACHURS Finish Line with glyphosate early and reduce crop stress and improve plant health and yield potential.  Apply NACHURS Finish Line early mid-season with UAN at topdress or near flowering with other chemistry to improve flower set, yield, and plant health. 

    Bottom line:  We have seen fantastic results using NACHURS Finish Line from carrots to cotton, from corn to snap beans.  Foliar apply 1 qt to 2 qt/ac with other chemistry and see for yourself.  This application could help balance the nutrient requirements needed in the plant, especially if some fertility inputs have been reduced or eliminated.  So, cross the finish line in 2016 with NACHURS Finish Line.  Check out some 2015 3rd party yield trials using Finish Line on

    -Keith Flaniken, Southern US Sales Agronomist