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  • The economics of our upcoming crop season are not the most optimistic we’ve experienced in years past.  Growing season 2016 will require being prudent and more efficient with our inputs, especially plant nutrition.  Stewardship and precision application has never been more critical.  2016 is shaping up to be the year to target plant nutrition and fertilizer effectiveness at specific growth stages to maximize plant uptake and nutrient use efficiency.

    Consider the greatest demands for crop nutrients by growth stages.  By applying a small amount of a safe NPK starter fertilizer in the seed furrow (such as NACHURS Triple Option or Rhyzo-Link 3-10-13) that is high in available P, and K you offer the plants two important nutrients to establish a healthy root system and get off to a healthy start.  Include a key micronutrient such as Zinc to boost root development.  This practice is especially beneficial in cool, wet soils or no-till conditions.  So improving stand establishment using in-furrow fertility is the first step toward improved efficiency and improving yield potential.

    The second step is to provide specific foliar nutrition during the growing season.  After our stand is established, phase 2 is rapid growth.  Foliar nutrition applications with glyphosate, fungicides, and insecticides is an excellent opportunity to feed the plant at young, critical, high energy use growth stages.  Many of these herbicide and pesticide applications “ding” the plants and stunt growth temporarily.  By including 1 – 2 pts of NACHURS Finish Line, you will not only help feed the plant critical micronutrients but you will most likely help defend the plant from taking a step backwards due to the herbicide being applied.

    The third step is to give the plant the required potassium it needs as it transitions into the reproductive growth stage.  Most crops are starving for K late in the season when it begins to send every available nutrient to its fruit production.  We have historically focused on nitrogen and phosphate in our cropping systems.  Late season K applications will help move vital nutrients when and where they are most needed.  NACHURS K-Fuel or Rhyzo-Link 0-0-15-5S are premium sources of K that will aid in the plant efficiency and uptake critical to target yield increases.  NACHURS Rhyzo-link products include plant nutrition and pure culture, plant growth promoting rhizobacteria.  This new technology was recently named one of Ag Professional’s top 10 new products.

    So, Com’on Man!  In this upcoming, challenging crop season, be more strategic and efficient in your nutrient use, placement, and expenditures.  Target your fertility.  Don’t continue doing the same old practice, while expecting a different result.  Precision apply when and where fertility is needed.  NACHURS has been providing producers high quality, safe, effective, and efficient plant nutrition for 70 years.  We are here to help and provide as much ROI as possible.  Contact us.  We have professional sales and agronomy staff positioned across the country.

    Merry Christmas!  We wish you a happy, safe, and profitable 2016!

    -Keith Flaniken, Southern US Sales Agronomist