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  • BioBugs Microbes Bacteria and more…Oh My!

    More than ever, the newest and most often discussed “hot” ag topic deals with biologicals, microbials, fungi, seaweed extract, compost/manure teas, organics, rhizobacteria, etc…  The options and confusion can give anyone a headache and cause us to pause.

    Beneficial microbes, bacteria, fungi, etc. are a fast growing segment for investing in our industry and trying to improve our soil health, reduce runoff, increase nutrient use efficiency, and be better stewards of our land.  As more and more “bugs in a jug” products vie for your attention and input dollars, ask a few straight forward questions before you buy:  (1) What is the source/ingredients of your “bio” products and what will they do?  (2) How many colony forming units (CFUs) are included in the product you want me to purchase?  (3) What are the specific purposes of the bio material contained in your product?  (4) What is the shelf life, temp ranges, and application options I have with your bio product?  (5) Can I apply your product with my liquid fertilizer and not make a special trip?  Do your homework and due diligence.  If you intend to invest in “bio” input materials, know what you are investing in and what it’s intended benefits are for your crop. 

    NACHURS and their liquid fertilizer products will soon be 70 years old.  The company has lasted this long due to the top shelf ingredients, unmatched raw materials, and the attention given to quality that is put into each gallon of product it manufactures.  If you have questions about rhizobacteria, “Bio” this and “Bio” that, give us a call or drop us an email.  NACHURS Rhyzo-Link technology is unquestionably unique and unlike any other “bio” product on the market today.  Check it out while you are on the website.

    -Keith Flaniken, Southern US Sales Agronomist