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  • Sep4Tue

    Big City Girl meets *gasp* Agriculture

    September 4, 2018 Jenny Phillips

    Born and raised in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, I never thought much about where my food or stuff in general came from.  All I knew was that there was always a good supply of whatever I needed at the store.  Going to the grocery store, the once a year trip to the County Fair, and the rare occasion my family traveled outside of the city was really my only exposure to agriculture.

    Fast forward to my early twenties I landed a marketing job with NACHURS after moving to Marion, Ohio, a nice farming community.  Holy cow (HA!) did I have a lot to learn.  I started this job not even knowing what a combine was.  I was intimidated at first by a field that I knew nothing about but immediately became fully immersed in my position as I met our awesome network of sales and support team, our dealers (some that have been around over 30 years!), and growers from around the country.  It didn’t take me long to realize that I work for a great company that has a good foundation and a portfolio of products that are nothing short of top quality.  How cool is it that I can say I work for a company that’s been around for over 70 years and was the pioneer of the liquid fertilizer industry?!

    To be honest there is nothing sexy when it comes to promoting liquid fertilizers.  Marketing has its challenges but one thing has made my job easier:  I am helping market the best products in the industry.  NACHURS products are clean, efficient, and of the best quality.  It might not look as cool as that new John Deere equipment but I can assure you those crops will look fantastic with a little dose of NACHURS… and it won’t corrode the equipment growers have worked so hard for.

    I’m happy to be celebrating my 10th anniversary with the company this year.  I’ve made a lot of memories, made many friends, and have met so many great people.  I have much more to learn about agriculture and look forward to being part of our company’s newest innovations.  I hope to teach my daughter (almost 2 years old!) everything I know about agriculture so that she can develop my same passion and appreciation for the men and women that are the backbone of this great country.