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  • Jan10Tue

    Aqua-Tech Opportunities

    Field Notes January 10, 2017 Joe Osterhaus, Sales Agronomist
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    While reading the latest edition of Progressive Farmer I came across the story about growing corn in drought stricken areas with limited water for irrigation.  I got to thinking about different scenarios I see in my travels.  Some areas are strictly dryland areas with no opportunities for irrigating, but there are a lot of pockets of irrigation from Iowa and Minnesota to west Montana and Idaho. Water is definitely the main limiting factor for high yields.  The story was saying that 200 bushel corn can be grown with just 10” of irrigation water.  I thought to myself, “I bet they could improve on that if they fertigate on the right nutrients at the right times.” 

    During my travels I see a lot of fertilizer tanks at pivot points indicating fertigation is taking place.  I bet most are only applying Nitrogen with the water.  That’s a start, but my experience of the last 20 years in the Ag industry, has shown that generally nitrogen is not the only limiting nutrient in most cases.  Phosphorous, potassium and micronutrients are much more likely to be yield limiting.  Most farmers stick to nitrogen because it is easy to apply.  The other nutrients were tougher to work with due to hard water tie up or mixing problems in general.

    NACHURS fertilizer has introduced Aqua-Tech fertilizer in the last year.  Aqua-Tech fertilizer was designed specifically for those areas where nutrient tie-up occurs due to hard water.  When nutrient tie-up occurs a precipitate forms and nutrients are rendered unusable.  The precipitate begins to plug the irrigation system especially in drip irrigation where emitters can be plugged.  This creates a huge problem for producers, who then have to flush systems and try to clear lines.  Now, NACHURS brings the opportunity to fertigate with confidence.  Using highly soluble nutrients, Bio-K and 100% orthophosphate, farmers have a couple different options for applying the true yield limiting nutrients that handle as easy as the nitrogen they have been using.  Farmers can time applications for specifically when certain nutrients are needed by the plants for optimal efficiency. 

    I have looked at thousands of soil sample results over the last 20 years and know that fields have places where phosphorous levels are in single digit ppms.  Potassium deficiency is becoming a bigger problem every year and if you are tissue sampling you are probably seeing micronutrient deficiencies.  You can now apply phosphorous in season in a highly soluble, plant available form. Aqua-Tech is formulated with Bio-K, the best form of potassium available.  You owe it to yourself to try Aqua-Tech fertilizer and make those irrigation passes pay off in yield.