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  • 2015 plots and trials are in, and Bio-K and Rhyzo-Link products are making a big name for themselves.  Here are a few product highlights:

    NACHURS imPulse had a huge year in 2015, backed by the power of Bio-K technology.  NACHURS imPulse ranked #1 in Becks Hybrids PFR (Practical Farm Research) trials.  When compared to a grower standard across all trials and states, NACHURS imPulse showed a 4.9 bu/ac yield increase which equates to more net dollars per acre. 

    As always, NACHURS playmaKer is consistently pushing the envelope on yield for soybean producers that expect more out of their production from quicker emergence, healthier plants, and more top end yield.

    Along with its versatility from seed applied, foliar, and blending capabilities, NACHURS K-flex is proving to be a must have when adding potassium into UAN and/or polyphosphate solutions.  This is from personal experience on my farm in 2015!

    Rhyzo-Link 3-10-13 is showing that the combination of Bio-K with plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) is assisting in yield, health, and growth of your crop.  It has great versatility for all crops and application methods, and is a premium choice for producers looking to maximum productivity. 

    -Joe Pflum, Northeast US Sales Agronomist